Nokia N810

Nokia N810 Review

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet from Nokia is an Internet gadget, which was announced on 17 October, 2007 at the Web 2.0 Summit held at San Francisco. In spite of Nokia’s strong involvement with cellular products, the Nokia N810 is not a phone, but in its place allows the user to browse the Internet and communicate by making use of Wi-Fi networks or the mobile phone using Bluetooth. The device has the same hardware and software of the Nokia N800 with some features added newly and some removed from it. The Nokia N810 has the Maemo Linux distribution operating system which is based on the Memo 4.0, which has MicroB which is a Mozilla-based mobile browser, new media player, a GPS navigation application, and a revitalized interface as its features.

Nokia N810 Features & Specifications

Let us examine some of the nokia n810 specifications

The dimensions features of Nokia N810

• The set has a Volume of 128 cc

• Weight of it is 226 g

• The Length is 72 mm

• The Width is 128 mm

• The Thickness is 14 mm

The Display features of Nokia N810

• It has a high-resolution 4.13” screen with a WVGA display of 800 x 480 pixels resolution that supports up to 65,000 colors

Storage capacity of Nokia N810

• Nokia N810 has 2GB internal memory support.

• There is a support for compatible miniSD and microSD memory cards along with an extender. The device supports cards up to 8GB the only point is that the SD cards over 2GB must be SDHC compatible.

The Processor of Nokia N810

• Is an TI OMAP 2420 with 400Mhz

Memory of Nokia N810

• The set has DDR RAM 128MB

• A Flash support of 256MB

Battery power of Nokia N810

• The Battery of the device is a Nokia Battery BP-4L

• The Continuous usage support with display on, wireless LAN active is up to 4 hours

• There is a Music playback support of up to 10 hours

• Always online time of the set is up to 5 days

• Standby time of Nokia N 810 is up to 14 days

Other characteristics of Nokia N810 are as follows

• The gadget has Smooth slide with an integrated QWERTY keyboard

• There is a Built-in GPS receiver in the set.

• The set has excellent high quality stereo speakers and sensitive microphone

• The High-resolution widescreen display is also very good.

• There is an Integrated desk stand

• The set has an Integrated VGA web camera

• There are HW key to lock touch screen and keys

• Ambient light sensor is also decent.

• The seamless update functionality of Nokia N 810 allows internet tablet users to automatically get and install the latest software updates in the gadget.

• There are extra applications which can be downloaded from the Internet.

Connectivity features of Nokia N810 are

• There is a support for WLAN standard: IEEE 802.11b/g

• Bluetooth specifications of the set are v.2.0. +EDR with profiles supported are HID, FTP, DUN, GAP, SPP, HSP, SAP and OPP.

• There is a USB high speed for PC connectivity

• 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug is provided with Nokia AV Connector.

Communication features of Nokia N810 are

• There is Internet messaging and calling with video in the set.

• There is an effortless and automated presence and contacts application for centralizing communication tasks in the set.

• There is SIP support and interoperability with industry standard services in the gadget.

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