Nicole Scherzinger Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Nicole Scherzinger Smokey Eye Makeup

Nicole Scherzinger Smokey Eye Makeup is a stand out feature especially because of her bronzed tan. Nicole Scherzinger is certainly a beautiful woman and she is famous for her signature style smokey eye look especially on the series of ‘Dancing with the stars where Nicole always wore her Smokey eye look. It’s not too hard to copy the Nicole Scherzinger Smokey Eye Makeup Tips. You just need to get yourself loads and loads of mascara and black eye liner and a pint of dark eye shadow and you will be a proud displayer of this sexy signature look of Nicole Scherizinger.

Nicole Scherzinger Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

If you are able to also include a touch of shimmering lotion for your favourite moisturizer prior to applying your foundation you can get comparable results. You can also try dabs of liquid foundation on cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose having a concealer brush. Try to get your hands on a blusher or buffer brush something like 182) with h2o or Fix+ for those who have it, and then sleek out the dabs of foundation to mimic flawless seeking software.

Post the face make up we can come to Nicole Scherzinger Smokey Eye Makeup Tips. We know it’s an envier! Her skin not only daunts the most amazing texture but she also sports the most amazing look in the season.

Lets first look at what you need for Nicole Scherzinger Smokey Eye Makeup :

• A light smoky brown/taupe eye for the smoldering black lashes

• MAC’s Tempting eyeshadow

• 239 brush

• MAC’s Bronze eyeshadow

• Bronze eyeshadow

• 219 brush

• 266 stiff angled Brush

• Mascara

How to apply Nicole Scherzinger Smokey Eye Makeup

Follow these simple steps to apply Nicole Scherzinger Smokey Eye Makeup

• Nicole Scherzinger uses a light smoky brown/taupe eye with smoldering black lashes.

• Apply the MAC’s Tempting eyeshadow all over the lid with a 239 brush.

• Use a dab of MAC’s Bronze eyeshadow within the outer crease and corner.

• Along with a 239 try to blend it with the eyeshadow that you used all over the lid.

• Use a touch of Bronze eyeshadow along outer lower lashes this can be done using a 219 brush

• You can then smoke it out with the 239.

• Once again with the 219, utilize a touch of Tempting eyeshadow along the inner reduce lash line.

• Use the the 266 stiff angled brush to line lower lash line/waterline with MAC’s Blacktrack fluidline having a thin line. Make it thicker as you so. This is for the special cat-eye liner on the upper lash line (also with Blacktrack).

• Either utilize thick coats of a mascara like Dior’s DiorShow or go for thick fake lashes .

• For the rest of your face use a blush a bit lighter than your skin, use it on your cheeks, your nose and lighter pores.

• Downplay your lips, keep them as natural as possible as working them on would only steal the look from your smokey look. Try to finish it off with some nude shades and keeping it pastel and light. Use lip gloss over lipsticks.

You now have your awesome Nicole Scherzinger Smokey Eye Makeup ready.

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