Neutering Cats

What is neutering a cat?

There is a myth among many people regarding neutering cats; they have a feeling that neutering is a cruel thing to cats. But the truth is however different, neutering cats not only prevent the birth of kittens but is also keep the cat healthy. According to one of the survey in the recent past, close to 80 percent of the cats and dogs in the US were neutered and spayed.

But what exactly does neutering cats mean and how it is done? Well neutering cats is a routine surgical procedure to remove the cat’s sex organ. After this surgical procedure, the cats will not be able to reproduce or nor there will be any chances of birth of kitten in female cats. In addition, this procedure also stops the production of hormones that are responsible for sexual behaviours in cats.  Taking a decision on whether to neuter the cat or not is a crucial one for the cat owner to take.

At the time of neutering a cat, a very simple routine surgical procedure is performed at the veterinary clinic or hospital. For undergoing this procedure, it is recommended that the cat owner not feed their cat the night before the surgical treatment. The reason for this is, that anesthesia works well on empty stomach. Neutering male cats is called as castration, whereas neutering female cats is known as spaying.

Neutering a male cat

Neutering male cats involves the removal of testicles or gonads. This basically removes the resource of sperm formation and the source of testosterone. In the surgical procedure and under the general anesthesia, two small surgical incisions are made through which both testicles are removes safely. In another word through this procedure the male cat is castrated.

Neutering a female cat

In the similar manner female cats under goes spaying, in which the procedure involves the removal of ovaries and uterus. In the female cats, the small area on the stomached is shaved and from there incision is made. The main part of the reproduction and sexual organ: uterus and ovaries are removed thorough a small surgical procedure.

Right age to neuter a cat

Many people have a question of what is the right age for neutering of cats. Well cats neutering age that is recommended by most of the veterinary doctors and experts is when cat is 6 months old or before the age they reach their sexual maturity. However the cats neutering age can be different for different cat species, but the common practice in US is that cats under go for neutering procedure at the young age. Even in many cases it had been seen that, neutering of cats took place at the age of 8 weeks. Even a pregnant female cat also be neutered, but there is a high risk to mother especially when if the procedure is to be performed in the case of late pregnancy.

If we talk about rehabilitation, then for male cats they normally come back to normal life in day or two after surgical procedure, where else female cats might take bit more time to be on a normal active state.

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