Nail Polish Designs

Nail Polish Designs

You cannot imagine the kind of Nail Polish Designs you can create using brilliant nail polish design ideas. You can try to transform your nails using some of the most basic things that are available to you while sitting at home itself. Most often we rush to a parlor when it comes to Nail Polish Designs. But did you know that with some effort you can actually create your own Nail Polish Designs, sitting at home. Let’s give this a try and look at some of our very own Nail Polish Designs.

Heart Nail polish design

It is quite simple to make this nail polish design,you need to file your nails well and apply the nude polish, at least two coats and keep your nails ready. You need to visit your nearby cosmetic or stationary shop and buy yourself some small heart stick ons. You can either stick these on at the corner of your nails or else in the middle whichever is preferable for you. Just remember, once you have finished with the stick ons you need to apply another coat of your nude color. If you want to try on some other color, you can get a pink or else a red color nail polish color and try it on the nude nail polish in the initial stage of getting the nail ready for applying color. Once you are done you will see the beautiful hue on your nail this is a real amazing Nail Polish Design.

Contrasting Nail Polish Design

Contrasting Nail Polish Design is another one of the popular Nail Polish Design these days among the girls. The idea is to bring on a contrast between the nail polish and the Nail Polish Design. You have to have a great color combination sense since we know that not all colors go well together. Something like a orange and green combo will certainly stand out. Or a purple and blue combo. If you want you can bring about a combo of light and dark colors like red and yellow. Which means you can have a red nail polish color and a yellow Nail Polish Design, or vice versa.

Thematic Nail Polish Design

Thematic Nail Polish Design is for the girls who are going to hit the floor. Yes, for the party themes. The popular themes for Nail Polish Designs are Sea Themes, Barbie Themes, Lavender Themes etc. everthing is difficult before it is easy, so all you need is a little bit of practice and you are good to go. You could probably use some dark and light colours of a single shade and some petals along with flowers and paste them on your nails. Keep in mind the color combo because you don’t want such wonderful designs to be looking odd.

You can try on some funky Nail Polish Designs like polka dots Nail Polish Designs or swirls and strokes or zebra Nail Polish Designs.

These nail polish designs come real handy when it comes to getting the right occasion to wear one of these. Try them on and you will notice quite a few appreciable glares at your end.

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