Nail Art Ideas

Nail Art Ideas for Beginners

Nail Art Ideas have been a trend that has been ever increasing since the first nail salon that opened way back in the 1960’s. Today the craze has grown so much that it’s an industry in itself, and why shouldn’t it be? Nail Art brings the beauty in the person as well as regular attention to nails helps us keep it clean and pretty. Nail Art Ideas are all expanding; nail paints are the most common ones then nowadays we have nail art sticker, stick ons, beads, stars, stones and even dried flowers. Nail piercings have become a famous thing too. Nail jewellery has become a big deal these days and people wear stuff like ringlets on them. Nail Spas are all over the town nowadays and you could probably visit one, or you could sit at home with a range of nail polishes and use your creativity to create brilliant Nail Art Ideas.

How to do Nail Art

Follow these simple steps for the perfect nail art designs

• To ring on the perfect Nail Art Ideas you will need to clean them, file them and keep them ready to paint the brilliant designs that you have in your mind.

• You need to paint a nice base coat for your nail art and then make a top coat.

• You will also need a nail polish as well as a toothpick to create your nail art.

• After the initial application of the base coat of nail polish you need to apply one coat of the nail polish. These are the initial steps before you apply any part of your Nail Art Ideas.

• You need to allow the entire nail polish to dry well.

• Now you can use the toothpick and draw any kind of designs that you like on top of your nail. Dip the toothpick on your nail polish and then draw any nail art design that you may like.

• Be creative when you are drawing your nail art designs, at the end you need put a nude color, like a varnish onto your nail to make the color stay on your fingers.

• You can also add some glitters on your nail art so that it looks naturally brilliant.

• Remember once you add the glitter to your nail art, the color is going to stay so be careful when you apply the nail polish. This may be a bit time consuming but the effort is all worth it.

For all those girl who just don’t have the time to create nail art designs on a daily basis, there is something really special awaiting for you. You have nail art stickers. Which means you can use the fabric stickers and use them in the same way as you used to make the beautiful nail designs with your own hands. You can make an outline on a paper of your nails. Cut the nail art stickers that you have purchased, according to the size of your nails. After which, you can directly stick the nail on it. Use an adhesive to stick the fabric to the nail. Apply the nude nail polish once you have stuck the nail stick ons on your fingers.

Nail Art Ideas

About the colors that you have to choose for creating the Nail Art Ideas you can use an entire range of colors. You could use colors according to the seasons or your mood, or even your attire. Use pink if you are feeling extremely girly. You can also use gold, blue or even bright red. It looks great!

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