Makeup Tricks for Smokey Eyes

The way you do makeup and the way you dress up eventually becomes the part of your personality. It is not about how good you look but it is about how well you carry off the look. If you have the confidence you can carry a cute look as easily as you carry the bold and sexy look. To bring out the oomph factor in you, use makeup tricks for smokey eyes.

Makeup Tricks for Smokey Eyes

1.To prevent eye shadow from melting keep the eyelids oil-free. Apply eye shadow primer to prevent the eye shadow from melting. The primer creates a base for eye makeup. Once you swipe the makeup primer across the eye, you are ready to go on to the next step.

2.The next step would be applying eyeliner. For the smokey eyed look, the color of choice is dark black or brown eye liner.  Apply a thick layer of liner on to the upper eyelid. As you come to the outer side of the eye, go thicker and make a wing on the outer corner of the

3.Once you are done with the upper eye lid, use an eyeliner pencil to color the lower eyelid, as it is easier to smudge. To smudge the eye liner, run your finger over the line. For an extra smudge effect, you can also apply a bit of eye shadow.

4.Now you are done with lining both the eyelids. Next step is to choose the eye shadow. You need to pair a lighter base with the dark hue. Try a light, shimmer shadow over the lids to your brow bone.

5.Blending of the eye colors is the key to good eye makeup. For smokey eye effect, apply the darker hue below the crease and blend it well. With a medium size brush, blend the color on the lids starting from the lash line and then come to the outer most part of the lid. As you go far from the inner corner create a wing shape with darker color. Stop your brush just before the crease. Your art of blending color here will work magic for you. Make use of your fingertip and brush to blend lighter and darker shade together in a way that the lash line should disappear entirely but inner corner of the eye should be comparatively lighter than outer.

You can enhance your look by adding shimmer to your eyes to have an extra effect. Makeup tricks for smokey eye makeup are effective in giving you the desired sultry look.

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