Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Makeup for small eyes

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes is the most fun. There are gazillion things that you can do for your little twinkles. Have you looked at the girls from the Eastern and South Eastern Asia, don’t they look awesome with their flawless skin and the though they have small eyes they have their knack to make it more visible and still sport funky styled makeup.

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes for the face: Let’s begin with the face since that is the one feature that we all are looking to highlight. Aren’t we? Most of the makeup that goes in for a regular eyed person is the same for small eyed. However, the one difference is that, it is generally suggested to use the colors for your eye shadow and blush as the color of your hair. Otherwise, the foundation and concealers are quite to be used in the same way as it is for a normal eyed person.

Makeup Tips for Small Eyes for the eye: did you know that your eyebrows can make the shape of your eyes look larger? Revelation? Let me explain. Your brows make your eyes look large and also pretty expressive. You can fill the area of the brow space, by using an eye shadow powdered and use an appropriate brush. It is generally advisable to use the shade that is closest to your hair color. Use a brush that is small and hard it must be flat at the tip, since it makes the application quite easy.

You need to first use the eye shadow in the Brow area, use the color upwards, this means do not use darker shades close to your eyes. Comb the eyebrows with a tooth brush to complete the look. If you think you have applied too much of the color, all you need to do is apply some face powder on it and merge the colors. Use a powder puff.

For makeup tips for small eyes you need to cover the entire upper lid with a lighter shade that the shade on the brow. Keep merging the colors with some foundation or a concealer as you go. This will lend a softer look to your eyes.

For the Dramatic makeup tips for small eyes, you could try putting White eye shadow over the upper lid of your eye. Cover around 3/4th of the lid, outer lid with gray eye shadow and then see the effect. You can then apply eyeshadow of the charcoal color on the entire eye and also near the lashes. Wear at least 3 coats of volumnizing mascara; it will give you a great dramatic makeup for small eyes.

The trick that we are trying to create here is to bring out the features and create the kind of depth in your eyes. This way your features will invariably be accentuated. You can do this by using the darker shades of eyeshadow. Eye Makeup is really vital to get the right method of makeup tips for small eyes.

For eyeliners for Makeup tips for small eyes, you need to draw a line next to your lashes to make them look bigger and thicker. Do not line in the bottom. You need to make your lashes look thicker, that’s the mantra.

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