Makeup Tips for Redheads

Redheads were not as popular in the past as they are now. Their beauty has been accepted the world over and they are now known for their wonderful variety of skin tones, hair shades and eye colors. To experiment with the looks of these mysterious and feminine redheads can be fun. If you are a redhead, quite confused about what makeup will suit you, read these makeup tips for redheads to emphasize your strengths and prove that you are a real gift to the world of beauty.

Makeup Tips for RedheadsFace makeup tips for redheads

Foundation is used to even out your skin and not to alter your skin tone. The shades you choose should be close to your natural color. Pinkish shades are a big no-no, as your face will have enough bright color due to your red hair. Beige hues and yellow undertones are the best for you. Redheads have freckles on their face. Don’t make an effort to hide these freckles as they are a signature of being a redhead.  If you want to hide your facial flaws and blemishes or those dark circles under your eyes, concealer can be used. Let the makeup on your face set with the help of the powder.

The color you choose for your cheeks depends upon the skin color. If you are a redhead with white skin color, coral and peachy shades will work wonders for you. For redheads, who have darker skin-tone raisin colors are good to go.

Eyes makeup tips for redheads

With the hair like yours, most eye shadows look good on you. Especially, the green eye color emphasizes your eyes like no other color does. Although, you have many options, it is safer to go with neutral and earth tones. Plum, blue, pinks, taupes, violets, moss greens, hazels, golds and bronzes colors also do justice to bring out the beauty of your eyes. Red-brown or brown mascaras and eyeliners are the best for a redhead like you.

Lips makeup tips for redheads

Red dramatic luscious lips and a redhead is a lethal combination. Coral, peach and pink tones will also look good.

Red hair color generates warmth and with these makeup tips for redheads, you are sure to prove out to the world that redheads are the new beauties of the world.

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