Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

blue eye makeupMakeup ideas for blue eyes

For girls with blue eyes it is very important to learn which eye makeup colours suit your eyes and which don’t. Learn more about makeup ideas for blue eyes and tips on blue eye makeup here.

Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

When selecting an eye makeup colour for blue eyes it is very important to ensure that that colour suits your eyes and your personality. Just because a colour looks good on someone else, does not mean that it would look good on you. Some of the eye makeup colours that girls with blue eyes can try in their blue eye makeup are pinks, silver, gold, violet taupe, gray, and lavender. You can also try using a bright blue or turquoise. You can also ty and mix n match your eye makeup colours.

Tips on Selecting Eye Shadows for Blue Eyes

When selecting eye makeup shades for blue eyes, it is very important that you select shades that are not too bright or loud, this is especially true for shades like violet, blue or lavender. You can try using these bright shades to ling your eyes instead of using as eye shadows.

For highlighting blue eyes you can use shades like bronze, orange, apricot, pink, silver or pale yellow.

makeup ideas for blue eyesBlue Eye Makeup Application Tips

• Start by applying a concealer to your eyelids, concealer helps conceal any blemishes or dark patches you have on your eyes.

• Apply a silver eye shadow with the help of an eye shadow brush applying with gentle upwards strokes, starting from the eye lashes and moving up to the brow.

Now take a violet or lavender eye shadow, applying with a eye shadow brush ensuring that you blend it well. Use the same technique to apply this coat as well. You can also try using another shade of violet that is darker than the previous shade and apply it to your eyelids, this would give you a gradual shading of the eyelid.

• Use a dark shaded eyeliner like black or dark grey to like your eyes.

• Apply plenty of mascara with the help of a mascara brush. Mascara helps highlight your eyes and makes them look bolder.

The trick for blue eye makeup is to experiment with different colours or shades. Always remember, whatever shade you try on you should like the final outcome.

You can follow these simple tips and ideas given for blue eye makeup in the blue eye makeup ideas article to accentuate and bring out the natural beauty of your blue eyes. clearer.

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