Low Protien Diet

Low-Protein Diet

A low protein diet is all about consuming less of proteins. We may have heard of High-Protein Diets but low protein diet is a newbie that has emerged in the latest era. Proteins be informed are really essential for our body and they prove to be building blocks for the body in a lot of levels. The body makes use of proteins to do several activities during the day which automatically means that without the help of proteins the body is pretty much done for especially when it concerns energy. The body get most of it energy from proteins and without the help of proteins the body is nothing. So what exactly does a low protein diet mean? Why consume proteins in lesser quantities if it’s that good? Let’s look into this issue:

People suffering from kidney and liver problems are advised to get into a low protein diet. This is mainly because when a person basically suffers a kidney problem, his kidneys are affected and hence, are dysfunctional. In such a case if he happens to consume too much protein then he is at a loss because the element urea begins to build into the blood stream which may have various other side effects such as: loss of appetite and nauseated feelings. Which is why, people who suffer from kidney problems and other renal related problems are asked to go on a diet that is a low protein diet.

Additionally, people with problems in the liver are asked to go on a low protein diet to stop further degeneration of the liver. Since food is not metabolized well and can cause various problems to the body.

What is a low protein diet?

Almost all non-vegetarian food has high protein content. For example ham, met, chicken, milk, yogurt eggs etc. one cannot do away with this food but obviously (especially those meat loves). However, what one can do is reduce the intake of these foods to conjure up a low protein diet. Some veggies such as lentils, beans and some other fruits and veggies are on high protein content. Therefore, if you are on a low protein diet, you basically need to reduce the amounts and quantities of these same foods that you happen to consume. Doing away with these foods is no good because as we had discussed in the beginning of this article that protein is an important requirement of the body. Limit the milk product intake and also fortified protein products such as mueslis and cereals etc. remember that people under weight-watchers, please completely remove the protein shakes and powders from your diet.

I am sure you are wondering what is it that you can eat on a low protein diet:

Lets look at what is allowed in low protien diet

• Sweet potato

• Carrot Juice

• Pumpkin (cannot and do not add salt)

• Tomatoes

• Cucumber

• Parsnips (cooked, specially boiled)

• Mushroom soupds

• Papayas

• Sauerkraut

• Blackberries

• Beans (without salt)

• Lettuce

• Cabbage

• Waffles

• Tortilla chips

• Oatmeal bread

There are also certain other benefits of Low-Protein Diets such as prevention of kidney problems and liver problems. Having a high-protein diet can prove to be excess baggage to the kidneys, this may not be good for those with delicate kidneys. In order to avoid kidney failure one must adhere to following a Low-Protein Diet. However, remember that very Low-Protein Diets are also not very recommended because this results in a condition called ‘ketosis’. Ketosis eventually leads to other side effects known like dehydration, chronic lethargy etc. On the other hand excessive consumption of protein may also lead to calcium deficiency, this eventually leads to osteoporosis. The moral of the story is pretty simple : Moderation is the key to a healthy life.

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