Low Protein Diet

A low protein diet is a kind of unusual diet generally prescribed by the doctors for certain medical conditions. It is a diet in which consumption of protein foods are reduced. This diet is recommended for people with liver disease or kidney people or for people with metabolic disorders caused due to inheritance. Since the low protein diet deals with reducing the intake of protein component and is prescribed only under certain medical conditions, it is not a diet that can be followed just by anyone. Seeking proper medical attention and prescription is required. A low protein diet is not something like low carb or low fat diet followed with the goal of weight loss. It is a peculiar type of diet focussing on reducing the high level of protein the body for proper functioning of the body.

Low Protein diet for the medical conditions:

Protein is a specific type of component which is essential as well as harmful to the body. It is harmful to the body both in case of too low protein and in case of too high protein. So, a balanced amount of protein should be included in the intake and to be maintained. Protein is generally metabolized by the liver from which is the waste product, urea is produced. When there is a disease in liver, the metabolism is not done properly. Similarly, kidney is responsible for urea excretion. Eventually, kidney failure leads towards building up urea in the body. High protein in the body worsens both the condition by mounting up the level of urea in the bloodstream and result towards weariness and loss of appetite. To get rid of the condition, a low protein diet is recommended.

Foods to be avoided:

Any food rich in protein component should be avoided in the meals. In simple terms, the foods that are recommended under a high protein diet should be excluded under a low protein diet. Major foods to be avoided include the by-products of animals like eggs, fish, yogurt, meats, butter, etc.

Foods to be included:

A low protein diet should comprise of the foods that contains low proteins naturally. Some of them include fruits, vegetable excluding cabbages, broccoli, spinach, etc, cakes, bread, corn, potatoes, pasta, sugars and fatty substances. Even though yoghurt, butter, etc are fatty items, they should not be included in a low protein diet. People on this diet are provided with energy supplements in form of vitamins and mineral mixtures or vitamin capsules for maintaining the health.

How to achieve a low protein diet:

Since protein rich foods reduces the cravings and hunger, a low carb low protein diet works adversely enhancing the hungry. A low protein low fat diet should never exclude the intake of protein foods; rather the quantity of protein foods can be reduced. And foods that are low in protein naturally can be included in the diet.  Animal products are categorised under high protein with complete quality and vegetable products are categorised under low protein with incomplete quality. For instance, vegetable salad (Excluding the vegetable rich in protein) is a good choice of low protein diet and sandwiches can include very thin slice of meats. Further, salads can include the combination of cabbage, apple, celery, parsley, pineapple, etc. Soups can be filled with cream or pasta as a substitution to milk.  Main meals should not include meat as the main dish and rather, it can be used as a side dish to the main meal containing grains and vegetables.

Compensating a low protein diet:

A low protein diet generally works as a low fat low protein diet leading towards loss of calories. In order to compensate the loss of calories and to maintain good health and increase weight, dieters should concentrate on have high fat low protein diet by adding certain foods as under:

  • Use health fats such as olive oil, vegetable oils, salad dressings with mayonnaise
  • Include the intake of sweeteners and candy such as jam, jelly, chocolates, etc
  • Include consuming a canned frozen fruits dipped in heavy sugary syrup twice a day.
  • Consumption of chocolate drinks (not a chocolate milkshake) without adding milk being a animal byproduct.

A simple diet plan can transform the life dramatically, so care should be taken to go for the perfect choice of diet for leading a healthy life.

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