Low Blood Pressure in Dogs

There are many diseases that affect humans also affects the dogs, where it is applicable to low blood pressure. Low blood pressure in dogs is alternatively referred as the hypotension, which is an opposite term of hypertension, the high blood pressure. It is caused due to several conditions, where the major cause is severe loss of blood. Sometimes, the condition may develop without any determined reason. It is a manageable condition and the low blood pressure can be treated with medications. It is generally diagnosed by measuring the pressure levels of the dog. Average level of blood pressure in dogs is 133/75 mmHg. However, there may be slight variation in the levels, which varies according to the age, sex, breed, etc. The level of blood pressure in dogs is generally measured by the veterinarians. However, it is quite possible to identify the condition by watching the dogs closely, which is indicated by symptoms of hypotension.

Causes of low blood pressure in dogs:

As mentioned above, the causes of low blood pressure in dogs may be idiopathic. Further, it is also caused by several other factors, given below:

• Blood loss due to any injury or trauma

• Insufficient or improper supply of oxygen

• Poor diet / imbalanced diet / lack of nutrition

• Anaemic condition

• Liver diseases and dysfunctions

• Kidney diseases and dysfunctions

• Hormonal imbalance

• Thyroid – hypothyroidism

• Heart problems

• Dehydration

Heart problems generally result in inability of the heart to pump out the adequate quantity of blood to other parts and organs of the body. Any severe allergy, allergic reaction to food, bite, irritants, etc constrict the respiratory systems of the dogs, leading towards lack of oxygen supply. Diabetes in dogs also condition associated with the low pressure in dogs. Further, certain medication or drugs also reduces the blood pressure levels.

Symptoms of low blood pressure in dogs:

The symptoms of low pressure in dogs vary from mild to severe, based on the causes. When there is no evident cause, the symptoms are mild. Since the lack of oxygen supply is associated with low pressure in dogs, the symptoms of low blood pressure in dogs also reflect in lack of oxygen and nutrients. The apparent and common symptoms include the following:

• Reduced activities

• General weakness an tiredness

• Sudden collapse or fainting

• Frequent vomiting as well as frequent urination and frequent thirst leading towards dehydration

• Pale gums

• Fast breathing

Unfortunately, there will be no symptoms of low blood pressure in dogs when the low pressure level is close to the normal level.

Treatment of low blood pressure in dogs:

Treatment of low blood pressure in dogs generally varies based on the underlying causes and the level of pressure. When the low pressure level is associated with any heart condition, the condition might turn fatal and treatment should be initiated immediately. Heart condition with low pressure is treated with surgery. When the condition is caused due to severe blood loss, the dogs should be treated with blood transfusions. However, if there is no determined cause of low blood pressure in dogs, no medication is prescribed by the veterinarians, rather, the pets are monitored to identify the exact causes.

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