Long Hairstyles for Prom

While girls with long hair could find it cumbersome to maintain their silky tresses, they do have a large variety of hairstyles to choose from in comparison with others. Girls with longer hair can wear their hair with curls, waves, or sleek. long hair can also be worn in very popular updos and chignons a staple when it comes to formal events like the prom. Here we would be exploring some of the most popular styles for long hairstyles. Read more about long hairstyles for prom in this section.

long hairstyles for prom

Long Hairstyles for prom

You have lot of choices for styling long hair due to the various possibilities or wearing this look. Any of these styling options would give you a guaranteed gorgeous look that is sure to complement   any girl’s prom dress. We have selected some of the most popular log hairstyles for prom here.

Simple Chic cut for prom

The simple chic cut for prom can be breath takingly elegant if done up in the proper way. This hairstyle is very simple, with the front part pleated on one side while being separated with small hair bands at the back. The tresses are curled and allowed to fall which makes this hairstyle go great with strapless prom dresses. The simple chic cut , like its name is simple to do up while giving a great sexy look at the same time. You can combine the simple chic cut with various accessories to get a look that is sure to catch every ones attention at prom.

Long Boho Waves hairstyle for prom

The long boho waves hairstyle is a very simple cut made famous by Ashlee Simpson .The long boho waves cut is easy to create, comfortable and looks great for a formal event like prom. This cut features slightly off-center part with boho waves throughout the hair. You do not need fringe for this cut as the boho waves make for a different look. Girls wearing this hairstyle for prom would look sexy and get a lot of attention.

Prom Updos

Updos and chignons very popular and can be worn for almost any formal occasion, These hairstyles provide an elegant look that  is sure to grab a lot of attention. There are different ways of creating updos. While some girls like a complex updo with no fringes, others like to go with a simpler updos with fringes.  Going for a fringe can make a difference in looks, while lighting up other facial features. Girls going to Prom should consider the updo as a hairstyle option.

Chic and curly hairstyle for prom

The chic and curly hairstyle for prom is a combination of wavy locks of the hairstyle and swept fringe with curled out tips. You can easily create the long curly locks with the help of rollers or a barrel tong. While the swept fringe can be done using some styling gel. The chic and curly hairstyle is a very good option for long hairstyles for the prom and goes great with a variety of hair accessories.

The hairstyles given in the long hairstyles for prom section here are simple to do and easily manageable. You can use the long hairstyles for prom for that gorgeous sexy look that is sure to turn heads

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