Lip Makeup for Smokey Eyes

Lip make up for Smokey Eyes

Ever wondered, how one would look with dark charcoal Smokey eyes and dark purple lipstick? Scary right? In order for you not to look that way you need to read this step by step manual about the right lip makeup for Smokey eyes. It’s one of the simplest lip make ups to do because the idea is not to do much. Yes! For those who didn’t know, understand that one needs minimal lip makeup when it comes to the lips. Smokey eye make up, as we know is one of the heaviest makeup one can don on the eyes. Now, with the heavy makeup on the eye you can hardly expect the lips to be playing heavy. This is the reason why you need to play it down when it comes to the lips. However, this by no ways mean that you can avoid the lips altogether. You need to wear lip make up but to the minimal and also pertaining to the shade of the Smokey make up that you have donned. Let’s look at some of the lip makeup for Smokey eyes that you can apply.

  1. Like mentioned earlier you need to play it down. Now before you apply your foundation and concealer, see to it that you have exfoliated your skin; without exfoliation your lips will look dry and lifeless. On applying the foundation, you need to keep the lip balm on for at least 20 minutes. This will increase the blood flow onto your lips and make it look natural and supple.
  2. Do not apply lip liners. Get a range of nude colors if possible. This could mean nude lipsticks or nude lip glosses, either will do. Applying lip liner will lend a very harsh look to your skin.
  3. At all times, remember the focus must be the smokey eyes. That’s the whole purpose of your smokey eyes. Hence, when you are applying your lipstick, try to play it down by using pastel shades. Or shades that will only complement the color of your smokey eyes.
  4. In case you have purple smokey eyes, you could use hues of lavender on your lips, or pink lipsticks with lavender undertones. This will not only bring out the best features of your eyes, but also your lips. If you are wearing brown smokey eyes, you can go for the lighter shades of blood red lipsticks with brown undertones. Try avoid wearing lip gloss over the lipstick; this could look quite a sight, especially if you are going for a party.
  5. If you absolutely must wear lip liners, then apply the lip balm as instructed and apply lip liner. However, you can use your fingers to smudge it a bit towards the inside and then wear your lip gloss over it. This would be an appropriate lip makeup for smokey eyes.
  6. If you have slightly lighter shades of smokey eyes, for example, the lavender shades. You can apply some darker lip shades for example, creamish purple, or pink with violet undertones would look nice. Then it also depends on what attire you will be wearing.

Remember the trick is to have as little make up as possible on your face and also your shoes and clothes because smokey makeup in itself is considered quite heavy.

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