Lip Makeup for Smokey Eyes

Lip make up for Smokey eyes

Can you imagine getting dark blood red lip make up with some purple Smokey eye? The sight can be very scary and we can completely imagine the sight. In order for you not to make such fashion blunder, we bring to you the right Lip make up for Smokey eyes. In this section we will be talking about which kind of lip makeup suits what kind of Smokey eyes. Lip make up for Smokey eyes is important since not all kinds of lip make up goes well with Smokey eyes. In order to get the discretion you need to know the right Lip make up for Smokey eyes.

The first and foremost thing to be remembered about Lip make up for Smokey eyes is that it must be light. Smokey makeup in itself is quite dark and coupled with that if you do dark lip makeup, its sure to look rather nasty.

Let’s look at some of the Lip make up for Smokey eyes

  • Most people prefer to wear lip gloss instead of lipstick. The idea is to attract attention to the lips but not that much. This is the reason why nude shades of lip gloss look great on Smokey Eyes.
  • Remember the basic tip that you can use for Lip make up for Smokey eyes is to keep it down. Keep the makeup to the minimum best.
  • You will first need to gently exfoliate the skin, this is to remove all the dead cells and make your lips ready for Lip make up for Smokey eyes. Without this step your lips are sure to look dry and lifeless.
  • After this you need not apply any lip liners, just choose a lip gloss or lipstick that you have, see to it that you have not chosen any dark shades. In fact nude colors work best for Lip make up for Smokey eyes.
  • In case you are applying dark purple smokey eyes, you could apply a nude shade of lip gloss, or you could try to match your smokey eye with your lips. You could wear a lavender shade of lipstick and add only a single coat of lipstick.
  • For purple smokey eyes, the lipstick shade could also be pink with purple or brown under tones. That would look completely amazing.
  • In case you feel you have to wear lip liner. This is what you can do. You could apply some lip balm, keep it on for at least 10 minutes so that your lips become moist. You can then apply the lip liner and with your index finger merge it towards the inside of your lips. This could be a nice Lip make up for Smokey eyes.
  • While you apply the lip liner remember to keep it to the minimal and not rub onto your lips. If the lines of the liner are two blatant try to merge it further with your finger. You can top this Lip make up for Smokey eyes with some lip gloss of the nude color. This will be a nice effect on the Lip make up for Smokey eyes.

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