Lip Makeup for Darker Lips

Lip Makeup for Darker Lips

People can have darker lips for a number of reasons. Sometimes it may be hereditary, or else it may be due to excessive amounts of pigmentation in that area. Sometimes its may also occur due to excessive smoking, however this is avoidable. Whatever may be the case we have the right Lip Makeup for Darker Lips. Darker lips may have occurred suddenly due to hormonal changes or post pregnancy. There could be numerous reasons for the discoloration of the lips. Sometimes darker lips are a cause of a lot of embarrassment for people. Problems of darker lips can have the adequate treatments as per the convenient of the people. Darker lips happen to people between the ages of 25 to 45. However, the good news is that we do have remedies for darker lips, we present to you Lip Makeup for Darker Lips.

Lip Makeup for Darker Lips Tips

Let’s look at how you can wear Lip Makeup for Darker Lips:

Lip Makeup for Darker Lips Step 1#: You need to wear the right kind of base to prepare your lip for any kind of lip makeup. This is a common practice for all kinds of lip makeup and not just for Lip Makeup for Darker Lips. You will first need to begin with exfoliation. Use some sugar and olive oil and gently rub them in circular motion onto your lips. The reason for this exercise is to exfoliate and remove the dead skin from your lips. When you do this most of your dead skin will be gone.

Lip Makeup for Darker Lips Step 2#: Brush some light face powder on to your lips and wear dust it. You can do this with the regular rounded brush that you may have.

Lip Makeup for Darker Lips Step 3#: Remember for darker lips, darker shade of lipsticks make them look good. So choose a shade that is darker than your skin tone especially the tone of your lips. Go for maroons or browns, dark deep blood red. Please avoid pink, and this is no exaggeration, in fact pinks must be thrown away. It’s a complete Lip Makeup for Darker Lips disaster.

Lip Makeup for Darker Lips Step 4#: Once you have chosen your shade you just need to apply some lip balm over your lips and keep it on for a few minutes. You can also apply some sun screen over it to protect your lips from the sun. lip balms help you moisturize the area so that lipstick application is easier.

Lip Makeup for Darker Lips Step 5#: Start apply the lip liner. Let the lip liner match the color of your lipstick or it will look really odd. And if the lip liner is darker than the shade of the lipstick it lends a very harsh look to your lips. Be very careful while you choose the shade of your lipstick. You can use some lipstick paint or else some lip cakes to apply.

Lip Makeup for Darker Lips Step6# You can now dab your lips on a tissue paper. This will help the Lip Makeup for Darker Lips, since it will make the lipstick look denser and darker.

Lip Makeup for Darker Lips Step 7#:The most special Lip Makeup for Darker Lips tip is to apply a liberal amount of lip gloss over the lipstick. You will now realize once you finish that you ever had darker lips.

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