Lip Care Tips

Lip care

I guess this is probably a shocker for you but lips certainly are known to be neglected especially by girls who claim to be very conscious about their skin. Lip care is taken for granted because if you are tending to your face you are quite obviously tending to your lips. But this is not the case, Lip care is one place that needs as much care as your face or as much special care as probably your feet. We do not apply the same cream we use for the face and for the feet, isn’t it? Lets look at lip care and lip care tips here.

Lip Care Tips

Here are some Lip care Tips that will bring back your kissable lips for sure.

Don’t wait for the gorgeous lips to bleed and peel and suffer before you actually start looking at lip care.If you take care of your lips, how about taking care of them from the beginning itself, wouldn’t that save you and your lips a lot more trouble? You need to read further on how you can chaperone the most amazing lip care tips, this is how you do it.

Lip Care tips

Follow these simple lip care tips for smooth glossy pink lips.

1. You need to carry the lip balm with yourself at all times. I know that some men find this to be highly effeminate, but if you are suffering from chapped lips in winters, its better you just carry a small one in your big briefcase and no one would even know.

2. You need to moisturize your lips on a daily basis, because you need to learn to keep them soft and supple. Try moisturizing during night time and day time as well. Exfoliation is a good idea especially if you are trying to bring back the suppleness of your lips. Exfoliation will help you have real soft lips.

3. In case you happen to suffer from bleeding lips what you need to do is apply some cream for a few days in order for the bleeding to subside. Use an antiseptic cream if you can. Once the lips have healed please do not forget to moisturize them every day during the night as well as the day. These will restore the health of your lips within a period of fifteen days. Do not exfoliate if you have bleeding lips.

4. Lips generally peel if they lack the moisture, hence, the treatment for peeling lips will be to add the moisture back. Nothing like a great moisturizer, it will work wonders on you if you do it regularly, also you could try constantly apply petroleum jelly, especially at nights since there is hardly any movement and the lips will get ample amount of time to recover. Gently rub lip balm / petroleum jelly on your lips, lightly massage them and then let it be, let the moisturizer do the magic.

5. Constantly licking the lips when they dry can cause further cracking of the lips; this has been proven by the dermatologist. Smoking reduces the moisture from the lips hence, it is very difficult to bring back the moisture, and it also brings dark pigmentation spots on your lips. Hence, avoid smoking. Rubbing lemon on the lips helps lighten the color of your lips. Using a lip balm that has SPF is also a good option.

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