Lethargy in Dogs

At some instance other, almost every human being is lazy and fails to react or respond to others. We, the humans becomes lazy, get exhausted and weakened due to several aspects like heavy work, stress, illness, etc, where it is not something that is found only on us. Weakness or lethargic condition is also common in dogs, where lethargy in dogs is more commonly like humans. Lethargy in dogs or the symptoms of lethargy should be reported to the veterinarians immediately for taking prompt action, because the lethargy in dogs is found to be the major symptoms of several health complications in dogs. Moreover, weak dogs with poor health are more likely to be lethargic, when untreated, it may lead towards malnutrition and subsequently fatal.

Causes of Lethargy in Dogs

Lethargy can also be termed as laziness in dogs. The condition affects the dogs in similar way it affects the human. Lethargy in dogs can also be termed as sluggishness or inactivity in dogs. It is caused due to several reasons and in some cases the pet owners can detect the condition developed suddenly in dogs, whereas in some pets they are gradual. For instance, vomiting and lethargy in dogs are interrelated with each other. When the dog vomits a lot, it loses the energy and eventually becomes sluggish.

Lethargy in dogs is the apparent symptoms of other health conditions like digestive troubles, improper functioning of dogs, chronic vomiting and diarrhea, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, injuries, ear infection, fever and cold, etc.

Symptoms of lethargy in Dogs

Lethargy or laziness is a physical condition, in spite of the fact it does not require any physical examination of dogs. Pet owners can identify the symptoms of lethargy in dogs very quickly. Positive signs of lethargy in dogs include the following.

  • Limited quantity of intake than usual amount
  • Limited amount of drinking
  • Not active for more than one hour
  • Dogs suffered from any injury or trauma in the head recently
  • Dogs treated for consumption of toxin or chemicals
  • Very slow respond or no respond to calls
  • Showing reduced interest in regular activities
  • Feverish symptoms
  • Hesitate to come out the kennel
  • Vomiting

More than 80% of lethargy in dogs cases are developed due to medical condition like diarrhea, digestive problems, stomach upset, injury, trauma, general weakness, anaemic condition, etc. Eventually, there are several reasons that lead towards causing lethargy in dogs. Now pet owners might wonder what causes lethargy in dogs when they are not associated with any medical condition. Other causes of lethargy in dogs include climate changes, reduced temperature in body, lack of oxygen, change in shelter, change in atmosphere, etc. Dogs can develop sudden lethargy when the miss the owner or the most beloved person in the home.  Sudden lethargy in dogs can also arise due to loss of their owner.

Lethargic condition in canines eventually results in reduced interest on activities and followed by loss of appetite. Since the dogs are found to be lazy throughout the day and tend to lie down in their shelter, they never like to have their food.Since this condition is caused due to several reasons and associated with several medical condition, appropriate diagnosis and treatment is required from veterinarian.

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