Kim Kardashian Skin Care

Have you ever figured out what is the real secret behind Kim Kardashian’s flawless skin? What skin care products do Kim Kardashian use and how she maintains her skin with care? Well you are interested in knowing all these secrets then you have come to the right place. This post will reveal all the interesting and important Kim Kardashian skin care secrets and will also talk about the tips to copy the makeup she wears.

Kim Kardashian’s skin is flawless, clean and clear, so what exactly are the Kim Kardashian skin care secrets? What makes her skin to glow and what skin care products do Kim Kardashian use which make her looks appealing and sexy. Kim’s favourite skin care product is Kiehl’s Anti-Oxidant Skin Preserver. She mention about the product on her blog and quoted the line “This face cream saved my life”. She had a terrible sun burn, but somehow this cream saved her beautiful skin from further damage.

Kim recently has posted some of the tips on skin care and to apply perfect makeup, let us have a short glimpse on the same and learn the art of skin care just like she do.

  • First clean your face and then apply makeup primer, after that apply the moisturizer on your skin.
  • Apply the foundation after the moisturizer. For applying foundation mix two parts of 4 medium Beige and one part of Liquid Lift along with 5 golden Beige. Make use of brush no 180 for applying the foundation.
  • To hide the dark circles after the foundation, it is recommended by her to use concealer just under the eyes as foundation sometimes make the under eyes darker.
  • For setting the foundation, kim suggest to use light brush and big powder brush and by making use of these brushes gently apply the finishing powder.
  • Doing effective eye makeup is equally important as of skin makeup and hence according to her it is important to give matching definition to your eyes to enhance over all looks. For black eye MAC carbon is perfect, grey smoky eyes will look sexier with MAC in knight divine and brown gets better look with MAC embark.
  • Apply light lip liner to your lips for giving a finishing touch to your makeup.

So, I am sure you might have received useful information on the Kim Kardashian skin care products and the way she had maintained her beautiful skin. So follow these Kim Kardashian skin care secrets and become the star of the eve.

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