Kate Hudson Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Kate Hudson Smokey Eye makeup

The one thing that comes to your mind when we talk of the sulty Smokey eye makeup is the Goddess of Smokey eye; Kate Hudson. You probably won’t be thinking of radiance and glitter when it comes to Smokey eyes; But that s the kind of magic that our very own Diva Kate Hudson creates with her smoky eyes. The secret to Kate Hudson’s Smokey eyes would be to limit the ‘smokey’ part to the rim of the black eyeliner; and not anywhere beyond it. The finish is added with the dark shimmer gray lightly dusted over the eyes.  You can then try a soft bluish sivery shade towards the inside corners of your eyes to make the eyes look open and absolutely friendly. (Instead of over-the-top-myseterious and sexy). That’s it! That’s all you need to get that Kate Hudson Smokey—you don’t need to work on the crease, no shading, nothing on the brow bone. That’s all there is to it!  Its  simple procedure thats clean and simple; just like Kate herself. This actually completes the look of the Kate Hudson Smokey Eyes.

Kate Hudson’s smokey look is her signature styles especially post her movies like Bride wars, Skeleton Key etc. It may look daunting to try the look on. But it’s all too simple to wear Kate Hudson’s smokey eye makeup. Do try these comprehensive steps to get closer to your sexy new avatar.

What you need for Kate Hudson Smokey Eye makeup

  • Eye shadow primer
  • Silver eye shadow
  • Dark Purple Eyeshadow
  • Light purple eyeshadow
  • Highlighting eyeshadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • Eye lash curler

How to apply Kate Hudson Smokey Eye makeup

1. Pat an eye primer onto your eyelids with your fingers. Using an Eye primer would help the creases on your eyelid to go. A primer is nothing but a creamy balm that prevents eye shadow from creasing or cracking while wearing the smokey eye.
2. Then you can pat some white-cream eye shadow onto your eye lid with your finger. Or if you find your finger to be soiled just use a good eye brush to do so. Blend well.
3. Use a shadow brush to sweep a lilac-coloured eye shadow on top of the white-cream shadow on the eyelid. This lilac color is Kate’s signature style for smokey eye; especially for her movies like Bride Wars.
4. You can then apply a dark-purple shadow in the outer corner of the eye with a blending brush. Remember blending is the key to achieve that smokey look. Begin blending inwards towards the crease.
5. You can then line the lower lash with a black eye shadow. Use a liner brush for doing this.
6. Toy can then line the corner of your eye witha  black shade of eyeliner and use a linr brush to smudge the color inward into your lower lash line. Remember to do this gently until it reaches halfway to your pupil.
7. You can then line the inner third of the upper lash line with a cream-colored eye liner, or any other pastel shades, suitable to the earlier color that you may have.
8. Use the eye lash curler to bring your eye brows to perfection.

9. Apply mascara to upper lashes only in order to complete the look. Use the voluminous L’Oreal. Apply at least three – four coats to actually complete the look.
10. Remove traces of makeup form your areas around the eye using a clean cotton bud.

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