Hypoallergenic Cats

Only around 15% of the people in the world hate cats and are allergic to cats. Pet allergy is quite common, where if mother loves cat, daughter have allergy towards cats.  More than 50% of the world population love pets, cats and dogs, and love to have pets at their home, where only a limited number of people do so. The main reason is stated above, nothing but the allergy towards cats. However, there are few pet owners who are allergic to cats gradually develop love and companionship with them, where they reduce the allergic reaction towards the pets. Are you the one who love cats but hesitate adopting it because of the allergic conditions? You have the solution through adopting hypoallergenic cats.

What are hypoallergenic cats?

Hypoallergenic is the term refers towards having a lesser amount of allergy or lesser potential towards inducing allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic cats refer to the term of cats inducing or causing minimal quantity of allergy. But what causes or induces allergy towards cats? Unfortunately and unknowingly, most of the people believe that, cat allergy is mainly caused due to the fur. Alternatively, cat’s hair is no where related to inducing allergy. The real fact that initiates allergy towards cat is the glycoprotein Fel D1 present in the saliva as well as the sebaceous glands of the cats. Kittens have very less amount of glycoprotein in their body and they doesn’t create allergy.

Even though there are hypoallergenic cat breeds available, they are exposed to certain amount of inducing allergy to their owner. There is no technology available to produce the allergy free cat breeds and until such time, cat lovers need to tolerate the allergy or opt of less allergic cat breeds available.

Hypoallergenic cat breeds induces less allergy and minimized allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic cat breeds include the following:

Balinese hypoallergenic cats – They are referred as Siamase with long hair and one of the popular hypoallergenic breeds. They secrete very less amount of allergen protein.

Javanese – These hypoallergenic cat breeds are characterized as medium and long single coat, where the coat is responsible for inducing fewer allergens.

Devon Rex hypoallergenic cats – These cats have lesser and shorter fur.

Cornish Rex – These cats require regular bath to keep the allergic reaction at minimal.

Sphynx – It is hairless cat and apparently free from allergens, eventually the best hypoallergenic cat breed available.

However, cat owners can consider the hypoallergenic cat food and diet exclusive designed to overcome the allergy. Moreover, hypoallergenic cat diet is also healthy and nutritious offering a good health for the cats. Cats belong to the carnivores’ family and they are not in needs of carbohydrates. Unfortunately, most of the cat’s food available in commercial market comprises of more than 50% of carbohydrates, which creates intolerance. Eventually, feeding the cats with commercial cat foods that are rich in carbohydrates and lack of other nutrition, results towards causing malnutrition in cats. Hypoallergenic foods for cats are rich in nutrition offering essential nutrition required by them. These contain essential proteins for cats extracted from lamb, rabbit and duck sources. Eventually hypoallergenic cat diet causes less allergen.


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