How to Sew your Own Prom Dress

Prom dresses available at the stores are common. All your efforts to look good on the prom night would go in vain if you find somebody else wearing the same dress as you are. The best thing you could do is design your own prom dress. You do not need to be an expert sewer, choose an easy prom dress design and learn how to sew your own prom dress to make a style statement that is unique and makes innumerable heads turn.

How to Sew your Own Prom DressHow to sew your own prom dress

Once you have decided that you are going to sew your own prom dress, there are various steps you need to follow to get the rewarding finished product that is elegant and unique.

Design of your dress:

The first step is to choose a prom dress design. This is the most crucial task, as you need to be sure that the design you choose matches your personality and your body type. You may go through fashion magazines or the internet to find the different styles of prom dresses. Do not follow fashion trends blindly, choose the design you are most comfortable in, otherwise you will end up with a fashion disaster. If you have an artistic edge, you may want to sketch your own design, taking care of all the minute details of the front, back and sides of the dress while you sketch.

Choose the right material:

However good your design of the prom dress is, if the material is not right, it would not give the look or the flow that you had expected. Some materials like silk are difficult lt to sew. If you are a seamstress with good skills for sewing, managing difficult material won’t be a problem. However, if you are an amateur trying to evaluate or access your sewing skills, you better stay away from unmanageable materials like silk and taffeta.

Color Sense:

Although, a lot of emphasis is laid on the prom dress, accessories like shoes, jewelry, purse and attitude add up to your look for the night. You may want to choose a unique color, but it may not match with your other accessories. If you just cannot do without your favorite color, you can buy accessories matching the dress color. However, if you cannot afford buying new accessories you can get your shoes and purse dyed to match your dress. Rather to be safe, go in for accessories which are plain white or cream colored so that it matches with the dress of any color.

The right fit:

So now you are ready with the dress. Try on the dress to check if it requires any alterations. Your dress should be ready 2-3 weeks before the prom night. You definitely do not want your dress to be too tight, too loose or too long that you keep tripping on the hem. That would have been your worst nightmare.

You are now ready to step out in style and be the queen of the prom night with your exclusive, elegant dress that has brought your dream dress into a reality, and this was possible because you knew how to sew your own dress. Make sure to click quite a lot of pictures, so that every time you look at them, you are reminded of the beautiful dress and the beautiful evening you had.

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