How to Pluck Your Eyebrows

There is hardly anything that helps you appear more groomed than perfectly shaped eyebrows. Most women are accustomed to go to the salon and have their eyebrows tweezed professionally or with the help of tweezers at home. There are specialized eyebrow boutiques that are opening all over the town these days especially in big cities. There should be a perfect ‘blueprint’ that should be set for your eyebrows, after which you are free to pluck them anywhere and everywhere. Learn how to pluck your eyebrows here.

Steps to help you understand the growth of your eyebrows:

These are simple comprehensive steps to help for you to understand because before you pluck your eyebrows you need to know the direction and method to remove the extra growth.

• The space between you two brows should be equal to or a little more than your eyes. That’s the measure you should follow.

• To decipher how your brows should grow; take an eye shadow pencil or brush and keep it parallel to the side of your nose.

• The place where your brush meets your brow is the place the brow must begin. In the same way, to find where your brow ends, just extend the brush diagonally to your nostril.

• Follow the outside edge of your eye toward the brows. The place where the inside edge of brush touches is the place your brow must end.

• The perfect brows have a slight arch and to find your arch just hold your brush parallel to the outside you’re the coloured portion of the eye.

• The place the brush meets the brow is the highest part of your brow, i.e. the arch.

How to pluck your eyebrows

• Before you begin to pluck your eyebrow, cleanse your skin and exfoliate it with a gentle or a mild scrub. This helps to prepare the area for plucking.

• You will also want to keep a good pair of tweezers with a slight slant to pluck your eye brows. You may also want to be near a bright source of light and a good mirror to start with.

• A magnifying mirror would be perfect when plucking your eyebrows, but remember to keep glancing onto a regular mirror time and again in order to get that overall look and ensure you have perfect eyebrows.

• It is important to pluck your eyebrows in which ever direction that they grown in. also remember not to grab too many hairs at a time because may cause it to bleed.

• Make sure you hold your skin taut while you pluck your eyebrows in order to experience least pain.

• Eyebrows can be plucked both from bottoms and tops and they must be plucked from the bottom AND the top; As the situation requires.

• Stop and see each time you have pulled a few hairs, to examine the overall look and to correct yourself if you have been plucking wrong.

• Over plucking is not an option because it takes a really long time for the hair to grow back on your eyebrows.

• When you are done plucking your eyebrows, make sure to apply some Aloe Vera gel that will soothe your skin and in case there is any redness in the area it will also subside.

Make sure you have a firm hand on the tweezers and remove any oily traces that may form because of sweat when you pluck your eyebrows. In case you have sparse eyebrows you can fill it in by using the required coloured eye brow pencil.

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