How to Plan a Perfect Wedding

Wedding is a celebration where two people come together to celebrate the bonds of holy matrimony. The weddings traditions vary in every religion and country. Many weddings usually have ceremony of exchanging the wedding vows, and then exchanging gifts. An authority like priest later publicly proclaims the wedding. The bride and the groom wear special clothes for the wedding, which varies in every culture.

Most of the cultures wear white to their wedding. This dress color became popular after Queen Victoria wore at her wedding. The color white is the symbol of purity. The wedding is later followed by a reception, which includes first dance of the spouses and cutting the wedding cake.

Planning a wedding is exciting, long and challenging process. Once you are engaged, you start planning the wedding. There are many thinks to decide like bridal shower favors, wedding venue, wedding dress, food, reception area and many more. However, it is a long process but at the end, it is worth it. If you are bored of the old fashioned wedding ceremonies, then you can choose a theme for your wedding like Hawaiian, beach or Disney wedding.

The most popular is the Disney wedding. If you have always dreamt of having a fairy-tale wedding, then this is your chance. The best place to have a Disney theme wedding is at one of the theme parks in Walt Disney. Here are some simple steps on how to plan Disney theme wedding.

Disney theme wedding

Things Required:

• Wedding invitations

• Wedding gowns

• Champagne

• Wedding cake

• Wedding band

• Disney passes

• Airline tickets 

How to plan a perfect wedding

• Think about the budget and how much money you want to spend on this wedding. The total cost of a Disney wedding will depend upon the number of people you invite to the wedding. If you have a limited budget, then you must call only a few family members and close friends. Host a reception for the remaining family when you come back from the wedding. In this way, you will save a lot of money.

• Decide where you want to have your wedding at the Disney Park in California or Disney in Florida. The Walt Disney of Florida is very famous Disney weddings, since it has the most beautiful wedding pavilion. You can contact both the Disney Park and ask them for the wedding packages they offer.

• Speak to the Disney coordinator and fix an appointment with them for visiting the park. The Disney wedding coordinator will give the estimate price for the wedding depending on the guest list, which can vary from 3000 to 25000 dollars.

• If it is off-season at the park, then you can have your wedding at any other place in the park. The wedding coordinator will give you all the details on things like the wedding, flowers for the ceremony, photographer and the caterer for the event.

• A Disney wedding will be the most magical thing, because you can choose any theme you want. For instance, the popular theme is the Cinderella theme. In this theme, the bride will come in a glass carriage, which is pulled by white horses. The dessert at this theme wedding will be served in glass slippers. Other themes from which you can choose are Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin.

• If you want you can ask the wedding coordinator to arrange Disney character to visit your wedding but at an extra cost per character. You can wear a Disney wedding dress to go along with your theme.

• Make sure that you visit the park before your wedding to finalize all the arrangements. Once you are done with arranging everything, then all you have to do is wait for your dream wedding.

Tips and Warnings:

• Try to plan your wedding in the off-season, the rates will be low and the theme park won’t be crowded. The best time is late spring.

• If you are having a small wedding then do not hire a coordinator, you will save a lot of money. Book the Disney for wedding reservations or you can call the Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding section for booking the venue.

• If you want your wedding in Florida then there is a long waiting list.

• Disney also organizes bachelor parties and bridal showers for the wedding.

Plan a perfect wedding according to whatever theme you have in mind. Learn how to plan a perfect wedding make your fairy tale wedding dream come true.

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