How to Look Naturally Pretty

Looking prettier is one of the everlasting desire of all people, especially women. Even the prettiest woman of the world tends to struggle a lot for boasting a stunning and pretty appearance. Eventually, no one wants to depict themselves with a bad look, untidy or inappropriate dress, etc. There are millions of beauty products available in the market, where more than 50% of them spoil the skin health in a long run. There is no surprise that people look for natural products that enhance the beauty. So, how to look naturally pretty without using much cosmetics?

Tips to look pretty naturally

There is nothing hard to struggle to look pretty. Just by following few simple habits, everyone can look pretty. Looking pretty is not only associated with face makeup and facial care. It includes good dressing sense, hair care and suitable accessories. Healthy skin and healthy hair are two aspects that determine the beauty of an individual.

The first aspect to be considered on how to look naturally pretty is the hair care and suitable hair style. Either men or women healthy, thick and glowing hair with appropriate hair style attracts the opponent.

Natural beauty is enhanced by adapting a healthy and nutritious diet. Including rich vegetables and fruits in the diet enriches the health and offers a natural glow to the body. For instance, green vegetables, apple, honey and papaya have got the elements that enhance the health of skin. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which facilitate the people to keep them fresh and energized throughout the day. A few minutes’ walk in the morning sunlight gives sufficient amount of vitamin A, which also act as physical activity.

Wearing a suitable dress in a suitable colour is also an important fact determining how to look naturally pretty. If you maintain perfect figure, you can go with any kind of dress and if you seems to be overweight you need to take appropriate measure to reduce the weight and avoid wearing tight fitting dress, particularly around waist and thighs, which spoils the entire beauty. Similarly, not all the dresses suit with a lean body.

Accessories should be worn matching the costume as well as the occasion. Sometimes, minimal accessories make an individual accessory look more beautiful. If you wearing a designer sari with sparkling mirror works and stones, you can minimize the accessories and on the contrary you can wear some weird ear rings and neck chains for a simple plain outfit.

Makeup products can be used to certain extent. It is recommended to use oil based makeup products or organic makeup, where they make no harm to the skin. These products are available with herbal and natural base.  People with acne and acne scars can use makeup to reduce the extent of appearance of the scars. However, ensure to remove the makeup before you sleep as leaving it overnight clog the pores in the skin and result towards developing acne.

Lastly, smile, the most important ornament that makes everyone looks pretty naturally.

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