How To Impress A Girl

How do you impress a girl you like? I guess this is an age old question that has been out there that every boy or man has had to deal with at some point of time. The first step in impressing a girl is to understand what a girl wants to see in a guy. Most guys make the age old mistake of trying to imitate someone(most of the times a celebrity),however most of the girls can see through their act and are not impressed by anything that is an act or looks fake. In order to impress the girl of your dreams you must be as original as possible. Following these simple steps would help you in winning over your girl.

Don’t show off.

Most of the times guys try showing off in front of girls and try putting on a show for them, however girls do not fall for this and are not impressed with this and can label you as a big “show off’. Be yourself and let thinks take their natural course, Girls dig that. That’s right do not try impressing a girl.

Show them what you’ve got

A girl would not be impressed with you unless you have something special, something different, and something that makes you stand out from the rest. Most girls are hit on by several men, each of who are trying to impress them. Do not speak to a girl with the sole purpose of impressing her, rather have a normal conversation (just as you would have with a friend).Girls love a guy who knows what he is talking about, try being intellectual, be abreast with what is happening around. Reading books can be a good start.


It helps to be well groomed, especially if you are about to approach a good looking girl. Ensure that your clothes are clean & eye catching but not too flashy. Avoid wearing “saggy pants” as not all girls like to see their man with his jocks sticking out. Ensure that you do not smell of body odour, use cologne or deodorant. Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose, they can be a turn off for most girls.


Listen to what she has to say, do not keep on going about yourself. Let her speak. Speak about what interests her, She would be most comfortable when talking about common interests. If she asks you a question, answer her and then bring her back to the conversation. Complement her, girls love to be complemented.


Girls love guys who know how to treat them right. Respect her for what she is, respect her ideas & thoughts. Talk positively about her and what she does, do not trash her friends especially if you both share common friends.


Girls love guys with a good sense of humour, However one should avoid cracking offensive jokes unless you are sure that she enjoys them.

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