How to Groom a Cat with Clippers

When you are going for grooming your matted cat fur, one important thing you have to keep in mind is that you should have in their cat supply store is a good pair of cat grooming clippers. Generally people rarely have to use them; however, they are good to have on hand when you are faced with mats or something that is required to cut out your cat’s fur. As a rule all the cats do a good job of grooming themselves but it is vital for cat owners to know appropriate cat grooming basics. If the cat is combed and brushed regularly it helps to remove dead hair. If the cats groom themselves they frequently swallow the hair which can lead to hairballs formation in their stomach. A good brushing by you will also help prevent mats in the cats. The mats are painful knots of hair that are formed close to the skin of the cat. These mats can cause skin problems and on top of that they are highly uncomfortable for your cat. If your cat has matted cat fur it is very important to keep in mind that you have to remove the mat with as little stress and pain to your dear cat. This means that you need to use cat grooming clippers for this task.

When you need to cut out the mats on your cat you will have to use clippers for it. If you are using clippers to groom a cat it is essential not to hurt or stress the cat. If you decide to use clippers you should place the clippers under the mat and gently start shaving in an upwards motion. Then slowly cut through the mat until it has been completely removed. After this comb through the hair and make sure that you remove all the hairs which are cut, otherwise your cat might have hairballs to swallow when she licks herself. If you decide that you are grooming cat with clippers, gently pull up the mat from the skin so that you can make out where the mat begins and where the skin of the cat ends. Slide your clippers for cat grooming perpendicular to the skin of the cat. Always be careful not to cut what you can not see so you don’t injure her when grooming cat with clippers. You should slowly and gently cut the mat upwards until it is removed or the hair starts loosening so that you can comb through it.

It is necessary to use grooming clippers to shave under the mats of your cat and you will need a professional set of clippers and a couple of different blades for it. But if your cat has only a few mats, you may be able to remove them by using the corner of a slicker brush. But if the mats are dense and bound very tightly to the skin of the cat, it will most likely be necessary to shave them out using grooming clippers, which can slide smoothly between the mat and the skin of the cat without cutting the cat’s skin.

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