How to get Perfect Lips

How to get perfect lips? Who does not want to have perfect lips? It s quite something to have that pout like your favorite celebrity. Lips are the next best feature on a woman’s face after the eyes; for a set of perfect lips to makes your face look brighter smarter and more luscious you need to have a perfect lip makeup. So if you want those perfect lips we have some simple tips for perfect lips lined up for you.

Perfect lip makeup tips
Follow these simple perfect lip makeup tutorial steps that we have for you to get that perfect lip makeup that you want.
Let’s begin our route to get those perfect lips look:
1. Exfoliation does the trick most of the time. Don’t scrub your lips very hard but gently and softly and you could probably use a toothbrush to do so. This will help remove the dead cells from your perfect lips to keep them healthy and pink.
2. You need to understand that the skin on the lips is very soft and sensitive so using harsh products are a complete no no. Your perfect lips can easily be damaged by smoking or harsh sun. its upto you to try to protect your perfect lips from all this. For all those smokers, smoking has a dehydrating effect on the body as well as the lips so the time to quit is now.
3. Remember to moisturize your lips well before even beginning your day. Or else you will have dehydrated dead cells for lips.
4. Scrubbing with sugar and rose water is the best way to try and keep your skin on your perfect lips healthy. This way there are very less chances for them to dry up.
5. Use of lipsticks are good but not over use. Try to dab lip balm or Vaseline or lip balm before putting on lipstick this will ensure the lipstick to look brighter and also avoid any chemical damage on your perfect lips. The overall effect will be seen on your face. Lip balm or Vaseline also ensures that your lips look fuller and beautiful. Stops your lips from cracking and enhances the glossy effect.
6. Since you do moisturize in the day don’t forget to do say in the night. In face, it is more useful to moisturize your skin in the night since overnight you are immovable and this maximizes the time for regeneration of the cells. You will find in the morning soft, kissable and full lips.
7. Drinking plenty of water is often recommended for perfect lips, not only for your lips but for your entire body to function in healthy manner. This will ensure that your lips don’t dry up every few hours. Try it and you will certainly find the difference. This will also ensure instant moisturizer to you lips.
8. Also, that which must not be forgotten but is forgotten quite often is a healthy diet. There is absolutely no substitution for this. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will certainly delay those Botox sessions and ensure the longetivity of those perfect lips.
These days a lot of people around the world opt for Botox Fillers for those perfect lips as well; however the amount you will spend on it will vary. For those natural perfect lips you can follow these tips for perfect lip makeup for those luscious perfect lips.

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