How to Get Fuller Lips

Fuller Lips

Wouldn’t you love those plump Angelina Jolie kind of fuller lips. All women that we know of would love to get fuller lips and desirable ones. There are various treatments that are available but they would dig a hole in your pocket and are affordable to only some. Here are some tips on How to get Fuller Lips without actually digging a hole into your pocket. Lets look at how to get fuller lips here.

Tips for fuller lips

Fuller lips basically means a sexier Pout just like that of Drew Barrymore or Angelina Jolie. Those kind of fuller lips are the ones that women are crazy about and would love to have them at any cost. The good thing is that the cost involved is not much and you can get a range of products that are available to make those already luscious fuller lips even more luscious and kissable. Adhering to surgical treatments is always an option for fuller, treatments such as Botox and other such likes. However, it is only good for those who can afford it. There are some home remedies that are available that enhance the look of your lips. There are also some lip exercises that help you enhance the skin and the basic idea of getting fuller lips is fulfilled.

How to get fuller lips:

1. You need to exfoliate regularly, after exfoliation you feel get those plumper fuller lips that you always desired. Most of the times we exfoliate our faces but not our lips, this is the reason why we develop dry and chapped lips. Exfoliation is good at any stage. Make small gentle round circular motions for exfoliations of the lips. You could even try brushing your lips, don’t be very harsh on it, and just go gentle. That too is a good way to get fuller lips.

2. Application of Clove oil is a good way of getting fuller lips. Do it about twice in a week. These make your lips fuller naturally. You could apply clove oil coupled with your lip balm.

3. Application of cinnamon leaf oil is something that will surely make your lips fuller and better.

There are some exercises that are good for the lips and help it get fuller. What you need to do is press your lips between your teeth and smile keep it that way for 10 – 15 seconds and release. You will feel a rush of blood onto your lips. This is a natural way of getting fuller lips. You can repeat this one exercise for around 10 times. You now need to pucker your lips together. Use your complete strength like you would do if you are kissing someone. Keep it this way for around 5 seconds. You can repeat it around ten times. Press your lips towards your nose after pouting them. Keep it that way for around 10 seconds. It will surely help you get fuller lips. Another exercise is pressing your lips together, use your index finger to bring your lips together and keep it that way for 5 seconds each time. You can repeat this around ten times.

These exercises guarantee to keep the skin of your lips and around your lips firm, apart from bringing you fuller lips. So do keep at it. So you now know the secret of getting fuller lips. So go out there and share it with your best friends and sport your new set of fuller lips to everyone.

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