How to Get a Tan

How to get a tan

Before you get interested in tanning,  remember there are various ways to tan oneself, there are machines, then there are tanning lotions and there is also airbrush tanning. We are going to briefly look into all these methods of tanning in this article, how to get a tan.

  1. Natural Tans: This is probably the best way to get a beautiful golden tan, go spread out in the beaches of Florida and strip to your bare essentials and get the neat tan to be envious of. This is not only the best but also the safest. All you need to do is apply your adequate sun burn lotions and spread yourself out for twenty to twenty five minutes  in the sun. So that you can get the right amount of sun in your skin. Remember to apply your lotion since you might get sun burns. Carry a towel with you in case you feel any one portion of you is getting tanned way too fast. Examine yourself time and again, to see the results. After twenty to twenty five minutes you need to turn again to get the same kind of tanning onto your back. Do not forget to use a sunscreen with a strong SPF.
  2. Tanning Indoor: Get yourself a nice tanning bed. This is a controlled way of getting a tan, you are asked to lie on a tanning bed, and then the lid is closed shut. The best part about artificial tanning or getting tanned indoors is that the entire process is controlled to the core that keeps it simple for the person getting tanned. You may not share this luxury with outdoor tanning. Indoor tanning is good for people who don’t have the time to go for a holiday to get that golden tan.
  3. Tanning lotions are also a good way of sporting a tanned look over a short evening. If you are planning to wear a bronzer make up, you can wear the tanning lotion to sport the look better. These days tanning lotions are available almost everywhere. You need to check on the skin types available, since you don’t want to be oily skinned and then wear a really oily tanning lotion. The effect would be disastrous. You could try using the ace tanning gels that are available in the market; they are not very costly, easy to use and easy to carry. What more can you possibly ask for?
  4. Airbrush Tanning: This is another way of getting the perfect tan that is by getting the airbrush tanning. Airbrush is one of the first techniques of makeup that came into vogue during the 70s and the 80s. It is the sunless way of tanning. This method of tanning is used by most celebrities, to get the golden tan no matter which season it may be. According to me this is the second healthiest ways of getting a tan after the sun tanning option. The airbrush tanning option is especially good for those who have allergies with the sun’s rays or the UV rays affect their bodies adversely.

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