How to Get a Prom Date

Prom does not only mean thinking about what dress to wear or tuxedo to rent. Prom is much more than just dressing up. You need to also have a date to take to prom. Asking for a date can be nerve-wrecking; especially you do not know the person. If you are popular, it is easier for you to snag a date. If you are the geeky types, you probably didn’t bother to build up your friend circle, you may have to work a little harder to get a prom date. How to get a prom date? With these creative ask-outs on how to get a prom date will leave little chance for your desired date-to-be to say to get a prom date

How to Get a Prom Date: For Girls

Why wait for the guy to ask you for prom? If you have a crush on somebody, why don’t you make the first move?  Prom is all about having fun. If he is the one you are comfortable with and if you think you could have the best time with him, you should come up with some excuse to ask him out. There could be the other side to the story. The boy you like might feel shy to ask you to be his prom date. Maybe he is also looking for an excuse to bring up the topic, whatever the reason is, do not spoil the fun just because you have been waiting for him to ask you out first. Take control of the situation and happiness will follow.

How to Get a Prom Date: For Boys

Asking a girl out needs a lot of planning, especially if you like the girl but do not know her well. If you haven’t asked her, it is high time you make your plans known to her and do that in style. At least one month before the prom, get to know her as much as possible. Strike a conversation whenever you meet her; changing classrooms, parking lot etc. Girls plan for their prom dress, prom date well in advance, so don’t be late in asking her out. If your plan is not successful, then you have ample time to choose from other single ladies.

However, if nobody you know is fit enough to be your prom date, you may have to go through various options.

  • You are probably comfortable with your friend’s friend, you might ask him/her to be your date for the prom
  • You may want to go through social networking sites. And if you happen to like somebody, invite him/her to prom
  • If you are a gang of friends and there is a particular person you like to hang around, get him/her to be your prom date

How is get a prom date is easier said than done. It is a task which requires planning and skills to execute. Make your prom an evening to remember for years to come, with these how to get a prom date tips.

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