How to Clean your Lips

Tips to Clean your lips

How often do we actually take care of our lips, we do take care of it as a part of the face, but then there are other special requirements that the lips require in order to glow and look kissable. What are these, these are ways to clean your lips. Not many products come with a manual that tell you how to clean your lips, but cleaning your lips an important part of your routine and it must be made so. Lets look at how you can clean your lips and tips for cleaning lips here.

How to clean your lips

Lips are surprisingly the most important part of your face and also the most neglected part of your face, and we are sure that you would like to change that fact. Lets look into some tips as to how to clean your lips.

1. Washing your lips with honey and lemon is a good exercise. It is something like a detoxifier and it replenishes your lips with blood to make it look luscious and pretty.

2. Smoking does the most harm to your lips, it makes your lips look darker and without life, this is the reason we often see pigmentation marks on the lips of people who smoke.

3. Moisturizing should become a part of your routine and moisturizing your lips with olive oil will be good, since it contains the right vitamins that are required by the lip to look replenished and great it’s the best way to begin the cleaning of your lips.

4. You could also use your toothbrush to gently clean your lips with some of your regular face wash that you use for your face. Do not run into it very harshly or you may get some rashes, be gentle while you are brushing the lips. Do not use soaps on your lips, since they work in reducing the PH of your body in such a way that it makes your lips dry. Use a face wash that is suitable fro your skin and lips.

5. Exfoliate: this is a very important feature of keeping your lips clean, since many of us are already used to basic exfoliation, pay special attention to your lips. Take some 10-15 seconds to gently exfoliate the skin of your lips in a gentle round circular manner. This will help remove the dead skin off the lips by keeping it pink and energized.

6. It is very important to keep drinking water from time to time. Since it will help keep your lips healthy and fine.

7. While washing your face do not forget to pay special attention to your lips by washing your lips in gentle small and circular motions. It really makes a world of a difference if done on a regular basis.

8. You can also try to clean your lips using cotton and rose water. Buy a regular bottle of rose water and keep it in the fridge for cooling. Just like you use rose water to keep your face fresh you could do the same for the lips. Just keep a cool pad of cotton on your lips with some rose water sprinkled on them. This will lead you to have great shiny and clean lips.

9. One other thing that you can do is apply a mud pack on your lips to clean it. Especially if you feel that the dirt is deep seated. Keep it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off.

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