How to Braid Hair

How to Braid Hair

Braids have been a part of the hair style tradition since time immemorial. They have been in vogue and will remain to, for a long long time to come. What is wonderful is that braids are not country-specific. They have been a part of the traditional hairdo of a lot of countries. In fact, braids are one of the best long hairstyles for women. They look great for women of any face structures. In fact they look great on medium hair too. They make the hair look neat and they can be done up in a lot of ways. Braids are the flavor of hairstyle for every woman. There mustn’t be any woman who hasn’t tried a braid in her life. Braids work well for summers to kill the heat as well as in winters when you don’t want to get your hair all messy with the snow.

In this article we are going to learn how to braid hair. Mind you, this is hardly difficult. In fact once you are done with this section and practiced braiding your own or your sister’s hair, you can even look at the kinds of braids that are can be made.

You need to follow very simple steps to learn how to braid hair. For example shampooing your hair is a must. You may not necessarily blow dry your hair but using a suitable conditioner for your hair would be ideal.

• First you need to tie your hair into a pony tail; you could choose the way you want your pony tail to be. It could be high or it could be low. The high pony tail will give you a casual look whereas; the low pony tail will give you a very sophisticated one.

• You will now need to divide your hair into three distinct sections. Remember to keep these three sections quite the same size. As in, don’t take more hair on one section and lesser on the other. You may have an uneven braid then.

• You may want to refer to the mirror if you have medium length hair and if you have long hair you can take it over to the front.

• You now need to take the left section of your hair onto the middle and immediately take the right over to the left section. Hold the middle section that has been left out with your left hand. At any point of time you should be holding at least two sections of your hair.

• Continue to follow this pattern till the end of your braid. Once you have completed the braid you can tie it together with some hairband so that the hair doesn’t come lose.

• You can leave as much hair you want below the braid.

• In order to soften the braid look, you can remove some strands from the sides of your head to make it look softer. This will certainly lend you a very soft look once you have finished making the braid.

• You can either apply some hair serum or leave it just like that. Applying hair serum will make your hair shine, and the braid will look fantastic.

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