How To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes are considered to be sexy. They look completely gorgeous and they are not just limited to the stars now. Smokey eye makeup is accessible to the average girl who wants to rev-up her looks. Earlier smokey eye makeup was just an evening wear because of the entire dazzle and the bling bling. However, toning down the smokey eye makeup colors your can sport the Smokey Eye makeup even in the day time; provided you know how to. How to apply to smokey eye makeup is quite simple and not, not only the Victoria Secret Models, but also you can apply them with ease. Smokey eyes adds that touch of drama to your eyes which is unmistakable beautiful. We now present the steps to attain the looks of a diva by applying smokey eye makeup.

How to apply smokey eye makeup tips:

How do you select the colors for smokey eye makeup?

We are all too aware that the Classic smokey eye makeup is all in Black and Grays. Not anymore, by looking closely at any of the Broadway Supermodels, its easy comprehension that colors like Dark Green, Violet, Plum, Copper, Brow, Dark Brow, Chocolate Brown, Metallic Blue, and Dark Pink have not been left behind in smokey eye makeup. You can do the smokey eye makeup according to the color pattern that suits you, your attire or even your mood. However, you need to know which of these colors will suit your eye color perfectly and look good for smokey eye makeup. Let’s say for Blue eyes, Purple or dark blue shades will look perfect. For green eyes can be accentuated by darker shades of green or blue, purple, plum color eye shadow etc. we now have a collection of the “barely there” in the market, which can add to your range of colors with gorgeous golds and browns for the beautiful natural smokey eye makeup look.

What you need to apply smokey eye makeup

These are the things you will need for applying smokey eye makeup:

• An Eye shadow base

• A concealer or a mineral makeup foundation

• An eye pencil

• Mascara

• Flat and dome shaped eyeshadow brushes

• A smokey eyeshadow color palette

• you can use the cosmetic range of Maybelline, Bobbi Brown, Cargo and Stila have great palettes which can help you get the perfect smokey eye make up

Steps on How to apply smokey eye make up

Follow these simple yet detailed steps on how to apply smokey eye makeup.

1. First prepare your eye lid with some eye shadow base. This will help the oil to go away from your eye lid, before you apply the smokey eye makeup.

2. Then apply the concealer, and apply a smooth base for the eye shadow colors that you area about to apply.

3. Use a Black or Gray Pencil and trace your lower and upper lash line from the inside to the outside. Use some cotton to smudge both the lash lines.

4. While applying the base eye shadow, begin by applying the lighter one with a flat brush on the brow bone and then you can bring it back to the eye crease.

5. Press the color to the concealer and do not forget to smudge, smudging is the key here.

6. Finally blend the darker color from the lash line and moving up in a way that the eye liner disappears. Do this using a dome shaped brush. Keep the darker color below the crease and apply the dark color in a wiper motion.

7. do clean up by dusting off under the eye

Your smokey eye makeup is all ready to sport !

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