How to Apply Lipstick

How to apply Lipstick

Application of lipstick may be one of the simplest of all activities, but is it? Sometimes we are foxed while doing this very simple thing. Application of lipstick is certainly a simple act but also one of the most important things in the list of beauty regime. Lips are the most attractive features in a woman, after her eyes. If not accentuated well, the lips can have a pretty impression on the entire look. Imagine someone with bad lip makeup; would you be in a position to appreciate her dress? Hardly! Hence, it is important to know how to apply lipstick, especially in the beginning stages of your makeup regime.

Let’s look at the steps involving how to apply lipstick

1. You need to first and foremost exfoliate your lips before you apply lipstick. This is an important step while you are wearing lip makeup, because most of the times a lot of dead cells are left on our lips. By exfoliation you will remove most of the dead cells on your lips leaving them fresh and smooth so that you can now apply lipstick.

2. You now need to apply some cosmetic powder; this is usually done to set the lip makeup properly.

3. Once you have done this you need to choose a slightly lighter lip liner for yourself and apply it on your lips. You must not choose a darker lip liner since it will lend a very harsh look to your lips.

4. Now you need to smoothen your lips and apply some lip balm. You will see that it smudges the liner a little bit but its fine. In fact it s good because it will help you get a very natural look on your face.

5. You now need to choose an appropriate lipstick shade and ear it on your lips.

6. You must be careful when you choose your lipstick shade. Remember, we opt to wear lipsticks only after the entire face make up is done. However, we need to see which color lipstick suits our foundation shade rather than the color of our skin. You can do that by standing out in the sunlight and gauging the color.

7. There are various kinds of lipsticks available in the markets these days. There are liquid ones and the matte ones; you can choose the one that suits you. It’s advisable for people with oily skin to not wear liquid lipsticks, since it will cause the lips to bleed.

8. Once you have chosen the lipstick that you would like to wear, you can apply a smooth coat one and then wait for it to settle. After 3-4 minutes you need to take a tissue and dab it one once. As soon as you are done, you can apply the second coat. Well, you are almost finished.

9. Once you have applied the lipstick you need to get yourself one nude lip gloss, this step is not applicable for people with very fat / thick lips. You need to apply a dab of lip gloss onto your lips and leave it there for some time.

10. This will add a sheen onto your lips and bring a three dimensional effect on to them. So you should actually try this step out. The results will be immaculate.

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