How to Apply Lip Gloss

How to apply Lip Gloss

Applying lip gloss is back! You can imagine stepping out of the house without wearing your foundation and mascara; however, it’s quite unlikely that you will step out of the house without wearing your lip gloss. Why is applying lip gloss so important? The answer is quite simple, firstly it’s quite easy to apply, and secondly, the application of lip gloss on the face actually brings a natural glow to the face which is absolutely undeniable. When you apply lip gloss, apple shades strawberry or even nude colors; it kind of fulfills the absence of full fledged makeup. That’s the magic of lip gloss. You can either wear it directly or you can wear it on top of lipstick matte or liquid; either of them is good.

Now let’s take a look at how to apply lip gloss?

  1. The application of lip gloss is quite similar to that of lipstick. The first step to apply lip gloss is to exfoliate the skin on the lips. Many a times we do not realize and we have a lot of dirt and impurities that become a part of our skin this can be done away by using some nice  exfoliation cream that will aid in removing the dead cells from our lips.
  2. The next step to apply lip gloss is to pat some dry powder on it. You can use foundation powder of your skin color if you like; you need to use a rounded cheek cosmetic brush to apply the powder. MAC brushes are usually in vogue these days, getting one for you will be beneficial.
  3. The good thing about lip glosses is that, although you need to keep it to the minimal, most colors in lip glosses suit almost all skin types. You must be careful when application since they tend to bleed out.
  4. Next you need to get some nice lip gloss shade, something that goes well with the clothes you are wearing or else the color of your skin. Accordingly it would be nice to get a neutral shade for yourself.
  5. You can apply a lip balm before applying the lip gloss, or else you can directly apply the lip gloss, don’t dab your lips on a tissue paper, instead use the same compact powder around your lips and pat it with a cosmetic sponge. This will stop your lips from bleeding once the lip gloss has been set.
  6. You can also apply lip gloss on top of a different shade of lipstick, especially if you are going to apply some nude shade on to your lips; it looks especially good, since it accentuates the features of your lips to a great extent.
  7. Remember when you try to re apply lip gloss, always remove the earlier coat of lip gloss completely before you reapply, there are two reasons, one is hygiene, when you re apply lip gloss there are various impurities that stick to your lip and reapplying on these dirty impurities is not such a good option. Secondly, reapplying takes away the freshness of the lips. Always carry a dab of cotton and makeup remover to remove lip make up completely before reapplying.

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