How to Apply Eye Makeup Stickers

Applying eye shadow can at times be a messy affair for some people. To make life easier for those people who struggle with the brushes while applying eye shadow, eye makeup stickers are the best option. You can have whatever design you want with just a peel-off sticker. You have various designs and colors to choose from and you can experiment with various looks as well. With these eye makeup stickers, you can create smokey or subtle look. These eye makeup stickers come in various patterns like animal prints, metallic shades and weird designs. Now that you know that these eye makeup stickers are easy to use, hassle free and give you the desired look, let us see how to apply eye makeup stickers.

How to apply eye makeup stickers

Most popular brands have these stickers. You may visit their store or order online. Some of the popular brands are Avon, Eyebrowz Eye Xplosivs, Eye Envy Eyeshadow , ColorOn and Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow.

1. Now that you have what you wanted, how to apply eye makeup stickers is the next thing to do. Close your eye and raise your eyebrow

2. Now with the help of your index finger and the middle finger, place the sticker at the base and by applying little pressure, smoothen the sticker from the inner corner of the eye and press it outwards.

3. Slide and peel off the back of the eye shadow sticker. For a dramatic look, use another sticker and blend these shades. Some of the stickers come with a setting powder and brush so that the eye makeup stays for a longer time.

4. Though, it is a quick way to apply eye makeup, you have to take care, not to place the sticker at a wrong angle. You might get the look which you never wanted.

Now we have learned how to apply eye makeup stickers. With these you can master the art of easy application of eye makeup stickers.

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