Hormonal Acne Treatment

Hormonal acne treatment

The imbalance in the hormonal level in the body is very common among women during the time of pregnancy, menopause, puberty and menstruation. There is oil known as surplus oil that is secreted by the sebaceous glands which leads to the development of bacteria. This development of bacteria in turn causes acne and pimples.

Especially during the period of hormonal imbalances, rapid increase is being observed in the acne flare-ups. This is due to the combined effect of excessive secretion of sebum and oil and due to higher level of androgen in the body. Men do not suffer from this type of acne, but women do and mainly suffer from hormonal acne during the natural cycle of menstruation, menopause and pregnancy. More than 50 percent of women suffer from the hormonal acne during the week before the menstruation cycle starts.

The common cause of hormonal acne is not clear, but still experts believe that it is due to hormonal irregularities in menstrual cycle and many times ovarian cysts cause changes in the level of androgen that leads to hormonal acne.

There are various treatments for hormonal acne which supports in maintaining the balance of hormones in respect to the formation and secretion. Medication for hormonal acne are many, they can be taken in the form of anti androgens and oral contraceptives. Anti androgens basically controls the hormones that causes acne and also make your skin free from the excessive oil. This reduces the chances of formation of hormonal acne. Flutamide is among the popular anti androgens used for hormonal acne treatment. Another hormonal acne treatment for women is oral corticosteroids. It is recommended for patients who produce an excessive amount of androgens. By the consumption of patient gets good relief from the acne inflammation. Prednisone is yet another acne hormonal imbalance treatment which is considered to be the important drug used for acne inflammation.

For Hormonal acne treatment women can also choose some oral contraceptives as an alternative option. This kind of drug contains estrogen which replaces the excessive androgens in the woman’s body. If there is the presence of adequate androgen in the body then the oil production will be under control and hence this hormonal acne treatment is considered to be successful. Oral contraceptive pills are also a good option when the pills are consumed in the small quantities. It helps to clear the acne spots and this medicine also had got the approval from the drug administration. Treatments for hormonal acne with oral contraceptive pills can be taken by women who are not interested to conceive for certain amount of time. It is recommended by the doctors that women should consider the side effects of any of the hormonal acne treatment before start taking any medication.

There are also some common side effects of Hormonal acne treatment like Spironolactone is menstrual irregularities, and tenderness in breasts. If you are on a birth pill, you will not find such side effects. It is recommended that the intake of Spironolactone should not be taken in combination with blood pressure medication such as high doses of NSAIDs, Vasotec or Captopril. This can lead to potassium deposits.

The cost of treatments for hormonal acne can be in the range of $ 200 to 250 if you take the 100 tablets of 100 mg Spironolactone. It can be close to $ 25 if you take Benzoyl Peroxide and $ 3 per pill of Accutane.

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