High Protien Diet

High-Protein Diet

In today’s times the moment you type the letters diet on your search engine you will find millions of search results. All promising you varied levels of results at various points of time. There may be millions of diet plans to choose from and its tough choice I agree. After all it’s the body that you are going to experiment with. Most people even adhere to blindly following diets that prove to be harmful rather than value additions to the body. Every diet vouches for its efficiency; however, it’s important to look into the contents of each diet before getting into it. High-Protein diets are all about weight loss. They aim at weight loss at a very pedestrian level. It aims at maintaining a muscle mass and remains healthy for a longer time. Muscles are made of proteins and if diets make you lose muscle mass it means you are basically going to end up weak and prey to a number of diseases.

Let’s look at what is a high-protein Diet:

Remember that high-protein Diet means low –carb diets. They are basically inversely proportionate and they also provide a natural energy source for the body to live by. Proteins have been proven to suppress hunger and hence allow the body to burn fat as and when required by the body as a source of energy. Carbs on the other hand do not help you suppress your hunger. High-protein Diets help you feel satiated with the meal that you have eaten, carbs on the other hand do not have this kind of an effect on your body. Hence it is essential to understand the various pros and cons involved in a high-protein Diet. While you follow a high-protein Diet, your body helps you burn the fat in it must faster and at a better pace. You feel naturally satisfied with the stuff that goes into your body, also because your body is burning fat at a consistent rate as opposed to other times. Although it is true that most of us seek to look for a diet that helps us lose weight fast but be informed that even though your body may experience quick weight loss, most often than not the weight steadily comes back to as soon as you have lost it; most often in the same haste in which you had lost all that weight. Such side-effects of rapid weight loss can be deterred when you follow a high-protein Diet, especially for a long period of time. You will land up feeling fresh and you will also land up losing the required weight that you have to over a period of time and that too consistently.

Now let’s look at the kind of foods that have high-protein content.

  • Chicken
  • Rabbit
  • Veal
  • Turkey
  • Eggs (egg white)
  • Offal
  • Ham (lean)
  • Skimmed Milk (basically all milk products in limited quantities with cheese and butter as exceptions)
  • Fish (and all other kinds of sea food that is available)
  • Rabbit
  • Fat-Free Yogurt (flavored is good)
  • Fromage Frais
  • Cottage Cheese

You can actually consume the food enlisted above with fresh veggies and fruits and rest assured you will be at the receiving end of a lot of benefits that come with a high-protein Diet. High-protein Diets also help you avoid various digestive problems like constipation. Try to actually chew into the fruits rather than buy tinned or canned fruits and juices, it sort of takes away the fiber that a fruit of vegetable has in it naturally. Procession anything will have that detrimental effect on food. So try to remain as natural as you possibly can with your high-protein Diet.

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