Hematoma in Dogs Ear

What is hematoma in dogs ears

Ear Hematoma or hematoma in dogs ears are blood blisters in the dog’s ear are very frequent in floppy-eared breeds of dogs such as hounds, setters and spaniels. Hematoma in dogs ears happen less often in dogs with straight ears and even more rarely in cats. Hematoma in dogs ears can happen in a dog at any age. Hematoma in dogs ears trouble generally happens when an itchy, infected condition makes the pet to paw and shake its head. Pawing regularly at the flap of an infected ear canal makes the ear flap to turn red and puffy as small blood vessels swell up, and starts to pour out fluids. When dogs shake their heads violently, this causes some of these small blood vessels to rupture. This permits the blood to penetrate between the skin of the inner surface of the ear and the cartilage which generally forms the structure of the ear. The entire development can happen in a matter of hours forming a swelling which is balloon-like on the inner surface of the dog’s ear or hematoma in dogs ears.

Causes of hematoma in dogs ears

One of the causes of Ear Hematoma is the ear mites in dogs that are frequently caused by unnecessary wax that collects in the ears. As the ear canals in dogs run horizontally and vertically, all the gathered debris in the ears is inclined to go into the ears. The Hair growth in the inner ear of the dog and his long ear flaps results in dampness and forms a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Dogs usually react to this condition by continuously itching near their ear. Due to vigorous itching the scratching done may even cause a blood vessel close to the ear to crack. This scratching result in bleeding in the outer portion of the external ear and leads to localized inflammation which is filled with blood. This irritated condition of the ear is called hematoma in dogs ears. Hematoma can also be triggered by a wound to the external ear. In some cases, hematoma in dogs ears may cure on its own, but the dog may be left with a shrunk external ear or with a scar, thus changing the looks of the dog.

Treatment of hematoma in dogs ears

To treat ear hematoma in dogs there are a number of different treatment options. The treatment of hematoma in dogs ears option depends on how fast the hematoma is recognized, the time at which treatment is started and the extent of the hematoma. The most extensively used treatment hematoma in dogs ears includes the surgical process that involves incising the skin on the underside of the dog’s ear and then draining the blood out of the blister, and then lastly stitching through the ear with multiple sutures. The another treatment hematoma in dogs ears option comprises surgically opening and draining the ear and then instead of placing stitches the doctor put a tape on the ear up over a rolled bandage and then allows the ear to heal. This second procedure may be more favorable in show dogs where it is very important to keep in mind that the ear of the dog is not disfigured. But this second procedure needs more intensive aftercare. In few of the cases where the hematoma is very minute or old, veterinarians may remove the fluid with a syringe and if there is no clot present, the ear will heal without the need of a surgery.

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