Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

It may be very surprising for many of us that dogs are affected by all diseases, illnesses and health conditions that affects human. When humans are exposed for a long time to heat or were walking under the hot sun, we obviously suffer from heat exhaustion. The same thing is applicable to dogs, where dogs may suffer from heat exhaustion when exposed to heat. The only difference is we; the humans can express our discomfort through words, where the dogs cannot do so. Eventually, it is the responsibility of the pet owners to care about their pets and watch the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion in dogs, where the severity of heat exhaustion can turn out to be a fatal condition causing severe heat strokes in dogs.  In spite of being a common condition developed by dogs during hot season, heat exhaustion in dogs is not known to many pet owners. Here is the brief about heat exhaustion in dogs, which should be known to each pet owner to prevent their pets before it becomes too late.

Causes of heat exhaustion in dogs:

As stated above, heat exhaustion in dogs are caused only during summer season and hot days. The active dogs and puppies are more likely to play under the hot temperature until they get affected by heat exhaustion. Further, keeping a dog inside a locked car also likely to raise the temperature and result towards causing heat exhaustion in dogs.

Initial sign of heat exhaustion in dogs

Most of the pet owners have the habit of taking their dogs for a walk in the outdoors and the same is followed also on hot summer days. Unfortunately, the pet owners are more likely to fail in observing the strange behaviour, the signs of heat exhaustion in dogs, due to heat. Unlike humans dogs don’t have any sweat glands, where they could not discharge the excessive heat through sweat. Regrettably, they tend to release the excess amount of heat through panting. The most common symptom of heat exhaustion in dogs is excessive and heavy panting than usual. When the pets are severely affected by heat exhaustion, the panting is tending to be too vigorous and heavier. Hence, excessive and heavy panting is the initial or warning sign of heat exhaustion in dogs.

Common signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion in dogs:

Heat exhaustion in dogs can be detected in the early stages by closely watching the dogs. In addition to excessive panting, other signs of heat exhaustion in dogs include the following:

  • Heavy and deep breathing
  • Dogs begin to gasp air
  • A sense of uneasiness and restlessness
  • Change in the colour of the gums, where it turns into dark red, followed by gums getting dried
  • Feverish symptoms, closely lead towards high temperature
  • Digestive troubles followed by vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Confused state of mind
  • General weakness followed by constant weariness
  • Thickened saliva and increased amount of salvation
  • Dogs tend to lie down for the maximum hours and find difficult to get up
  • Fainting and unconsciousness
  • Failure to react or responding the pet owners

Heat exhaustion in dogs can be treated by moving the dogs into a cool place. Further, a bath in cool water can be given to dog to remove the excessive heat from the body followed by making them to drink water.

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