Hazel Eye makeup Tips

Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

People with hazel or light brown eyes are very lucky as hazel eyes look extremely beautiful. Girls with hazel eyes have lots of ways to make their eyes look attractive by accentuating the natural beauty of hazel eyes. In this article we will be going through some useful tips for hazel eyes. Learn more about makeup tips for hazel eyes.

Hazel eyes look extremely beautiful and one of the reason for this is that hazel eyes have flecked irises, mostly with golden and green flecks. You can use hazel eye makeup tips to look beautiful and draw attention to your hazel eyes.

hazel eye makeup tipsHazel Eye Makeup Tips

Eyeliner: You can use eyeliner to define the eye lids, for hazel eyes you can use brown or black eyeliner. You can also try using a white eye liner which looks great on hazel eyes. If you are using dark colours on your eyes, keep the rest of your face makeup subtle using, light tones on your face and lips to accentuate your eyes.

Eye Makeup: When selecting eye makeup for hazel eyes always select an eye shadow color that matches your skin tone. Use this shade as the base and then apply a brighter darker shaded eyeliner on the upper lid, crease of the eye and browbone.

Lips: If you want to draw attention to your eyes , tone down your lips, going with a softer shade like pink or nude on the lips. For hazel eyes use a lip color complements the colour of the eyes, you can try lipsticks that have shimmer in them as it complements hazel eyes well.

Eye shadows that complement Hazel eyes:

Some of the eye shadow colours that complement hazel eyes and that can be used in hazel eye makeup are,Green, brown,gold, light pink, brownish black. People hazel eyes should avoid using the following colours in their hazel eye makeup palettes: Blue, Gray, dark pink.

Useful Tips for Hazel Eye Makeup

  • Wear mascara that is brown, black, green gold or violet.
  • For bolder eyes wear eyeliner that doesn’t stretch for the entire length of the eyes, try using colours like brown instead of black.
  • Select a foundation that matches your skin tone.
  • Try experimenting with different shades to highlight your hazel eyes.
  • Go for a smoky eye look as smoky colours look sexy with hazel eye makeup.

You can follow these simple tips given in the hazel eye makeup yips for those sexy eyes. Highlight your hazel eyes with the right makeup.

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