Grooming your Dog

Dogs can be a messy lot; they don’t naturally keep themselves clean as cats do. A well groomed dog is important as dogs usually spend a lot of time in the house. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the dog is groomed & bathed on a regular basis, however there is more to grooming than a simple bath; you also need to care for the dog’s teeth, eyes, ears & nails. You can also enlist a professional groomer to do this for you, or by following the dog care tips given here, you can do it yourself.          

Coat Care

Combing is important as it helps distribute skin oils evenly and remove dead hair. If you do not brush your dog regularly your dog’s hair can develop matted hair that would pull and inflame your dog’s sensitive skin and can be even more painful to remove. Using a fine metal flee comb is advisable and it would last a lifetime. If your dog’s coat is heavily tangled, don’t use a comb on it; you’ll just end up hurting it.

Foot Care

Carry out routine checks of your dog’s feet, since a dog spends a lot of time on its feet without protection, it’s prone to injuries or wounds from sharp objects Clean small cuts, and apply antibiotic ointment or cream. Seek veterinary treatment for more severe cuts.

Dental Care

Dogs usually do not get cavities, however they are prone to gum disease like gingivitis due to tarter build up. Apart from causing bad breath, if the periodontal disease gets bad enough, it can interfere with a dog’s ability to chew and even affect the internal organs, causing bacterial infections in the kidneys and heart. Brushing a dog’s teeth with a soft brush or your fingers with pet tooth paste would help keep these problems at bay.

Ear Care

Dogs have delicate ears which are sensitive and finely tuned to pick up far off sounds. The dog’s outer ear or ear flap is prone to injury, cuts & tears as it is exposed to dirt & foreign objects. Carry out daily checks of the outer ears, Healthy ears should be light pink inside, with no apparent bad smell or discharge. In case you find that your dog has developed ear infection consult a veterinarian.

Eye care

Check your dog’s eyes daily; wipe away any dried matter from the corners of the eyes using a moistened cotton ball. Keep a watch for redness, tearing, or discharge in the eyes. Problems that do not clear in a day’s time should be treated by a veterinarian. Tearing is one of the most common eye problems caused by allergies, infections or injuries. If your dog has excessive tearing consult your veterinarian.

Grooming your dog can be a cumbersome task. However, the dog care tips given here will help you to make this gruesome activity an easy and fun filled task.

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