Glucosamine for Cats

Have you noticed that your cat has become sluggish and won’t get up once she lays down? Has she stopped showing any acrobatic abilities? If this is true then you must be careful as your cat could be suffering from some illness or disease that could be affecting the bones or joints. Whether your cat suffers from cartilage degeneration or arthritis, glucosamine for cats can help in reducing the joint pain in your furry friend and give her back the cheerful life that she love.

Although for many years glucosamine has been used for humans, many people still don’t know that glucosamine also helps relieve joint pains in cats. Glucosamine for cats is best for your furry pets if they are suffering from joint problems as it is believed that the drug decreases inflammation, lessens pain, and reinstate mobility in cats.

It is reported by many people suffering with arthritis that daily use of glucosamine supplements are extremely helpful to their condition. Thus it is believed that glucosamine supplements are also beneficial for cats having joint problems. Though cats and humans are extremely different from each other, but on a biochemical level both share many similarities. Many cat owners in this whole world have witnessed that if glucosamine for cats is added in the diet of their cats, they seem to be less inflexible and achy.

Before you use glucosamine for cats you should have proper knowledge of correct dose and side effects of glucosamine for cats. Liquid glucosamine is used for treating canine arthritis and its related disorders in dogs, so it is natural that use of liquid glucosamine for cats is also very effective. Cat owners who will use glucosamine for cats will find that there is no better treatment available for removing the ill effects of arthritis in cats than this. Many glucosamine products are available in the market but be sure to take things like price, quality of ingredients, daily dosage, and delivery method into account before buying any glucosamine product for your loveable cat. When you have to choose between liquid or pills, liquid is by far much better option than pills.

Glucosamine for cats is allowed to be marketed as a nutritional supplement and not as a medical product. In most countries, nutritional supplements and medical drugs are legally different from each other. If you want to purchase glucosamine for your cat it is important to find a trustworthy glucosamine product, though cats may gain from glucosamine supplements, still a few pets vomit due to a gag reaction. The cat may also suffer from diarrhea. The side effects of glucosamine for cats are more prominent if glucosamine is given in high doses to the cats. If the dose is reduced the side effects present will also diminish.

Many scientific glucosamine studies have been carried out and the results are conflicting. So if you want to know that glucosamine for cats is beneficial for your own cat or not then give glucosamine supplements to your cat for a few weeks and check the signs of improvement. Scientific studies and reports from cat owners suggest that glucosamine supplements for cats are perfectly safe and will not harm the cats. Give daily dose to your cat as recommended and remember a large cat needs more cat glucosamine than a small cat.

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