Frequent Urination in Dogs

There can be various causes of frequent urination in dogs .Any of the subsequent health problems can be a reason dog frequent urination, like the Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Cushing’s disease, Bladder Stones and Bladder Infections. Poisoning and polydipsia forms the other reasons for the frequent urination in dogs. One of the widespread urinary problems in dogs is the problem of frequent urination in dogs. Dog frequent urination is an indication that may be pinpointing of some underlying health troubles On the other hand, it may also be the consequence of something less serious, such as a current adjustment  in the dog’s diet, hot weather may make the dog drink more water and therefore to urinate more, and so on. The end result is, if your dog has suddenly started to urinate more excessively and frequently, this sudden frequent urination in dogs may be due to some new changes in your dog’s routine and at the same time you should pay more consideration to his physical health situations.

If you believe that your dog is suffering from any of the problems mentioned above, take him to the vet for an appropriate opinion. The Bacterial infections of the bladder can produce frequent urination in dogs. Each time the dog urinates, characteristically only a minute quantity of urine is passed. Other signs indicating towards a bladder infection are painful urination, or traces of blood present in urine. The dog may be sluggish and may also have a fever. Dogs that suffer from bladder stones have thirst and frequent urination in dog. They frequently strain to urinate due to ache and the urine may have blood traces. These Bladder stones can be a cause for partial or total obstruction of the urethra which is a severe trouble and necessitates instant veterinary attention. Dogs suffering with some type of liver disease like the swelling of the liver, liver shunt also drink exceptionally causing frequent urination. Other symptoms connected with liver disease in dogs comprise appetite loss, tiredness and weakness, diarrhea and nausea.

The other causes of frequent urination in dogs may be the dog is suffering from chronic kidney failure and there fore is drinking water exceptionally and as a consequence urinate frequently and extremely. The urine is generally very pale in color. Further signs and symptoms of kidney failure include lack of fluids, and weight loss, depression, and dry coat. Some dogs may have a state called psychogenic polydypsia, which produces obsessive water drinking, which is followed by extreme urination. These dogs may have phobic owners or come from an abnormal home. The other causes of frequent urination in dogs may be some form of poisoning like methylxanthines that can cause frequent urination in dogs. Let your veterinarian do a thorough physical examination of the dog and perform a few tests, and you will possibly have your answer. Like a fine detective, your veterinarian will eradicate suspects one at a time and you will be getting the proper diagnosis for the reason of your dog frequently urinating. Once identified, most reasons of frequent urination are simple to treat.

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