French Twist Hairstyle Tips

The biggest trend in prom 2011 hairstyles is the French twist. The French twist has been seen on a number of celebrities this season. The French twist goes well especially if worn on a strapless gown. Along with French twists updos as a whole are very popular this year, while Updos have been a prom favorite, this year they have gained popularity as they are one of the hottest trends on the runway. Learn more about the French twist hairstyle in the French twist hairstyle tips article below.

French twist hairstyle tips

French Twist Hairstyle Tips

The French twist is simple and elegant and looks great on just anyone. For the French twist you should have at least shoulder length hair. Follow these simple steps to get this elegant hairstyle that has become a trend for prom 2011 hairstyles.

French Twist Hairstyle step by step

  1. Brush your hair. You would need to start by combing or brushing your hair well, smoothening your hair down and ensuring that there are no snarls in your hair.
  2. Create a loose ponytail .You would need to create a pony tail with your hair making a frame for your face, You should make sure that you look good.
  3. Twist the ponytail. You would need to hold the ponytail with your hands and twist the ponytail. Twist the ponytail till you find the bottom tightening against your head.
  4. Hold your ponytail pointing upwards.
  5. Fold the end of your ponytail down. Tuck the end of your ponytail between the head and the beginning your ponytail.
  6. Tuck the ponytail. While you are tucking the ponytail, slowly roll it to the left, now hold the seam between your thumb and other fingers, using the thumb to push the hair beneath in, at the same time rolling the hair on top in. Keep the pushing and rolling of your hair on until it feels secure.
  7. Hold your hair in place with pins. You can use straight pins to hold your hair in place and to demarcate the line that is created the French twist.
  8. Conceal the Pins Conceal the pins by placing them in such a way that they are easily hidden from sight. You may have to practice to perfect the French twist, however even if you don’t get it right you would end up with a unique hairstyle of your own.

You can use the tips give in the French twist hairstyle tips section to get the French twist right. You can attain that elegant look by following these simple steps for a great looking French twist. You can use the French twist hairstyle tips for prom night or a party.

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