French Fishtail Braid

French Fishtail Braid

A French Fishtail Braid is one of the gifts that women has discovered, it used to be a part of the Oriental East in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but today we see so many of the youngsters wearing French Fishtail Braids or wanting to wear a French Fishtail Braid. It is quite easy to make a French Fishtail Braid. In fact once you have practiced it a couple of times with your friends or siblings you will see how easy it is to make a French Fishtail Braid. Before you begin doing the French Fishtail Braid you need to learn how to do the French braid as well as the fishtail braid. Do not forget to go through the articles on this website, regarding the types of braids.

How to do a French Fishtail Braid?

Here is a step by step guide that will help you make the best French Fishtail Braid by yourself; yes that’s right you won’t need anyone’s help on this one.

  • You need to wash your hair at least 2-3 days before you begin making the French Fishtail Braid.
  • For a first timer it would be good to have someone to help you do this, you need to first tie your entire hair onto one tight pony tail.
  • Let it be around the nape of your neck. You can use a band to tie it up. Once you have tied the pony tail well you need to divide your hair into two neat sections. Use the wide toothed comb and comb both these sections well so as to remove any tangles in them.
  • Again check if the band has come loose, because this is the most important part of the French Fishtail Braid. If the band is not fixed well it will spoil the entire look of your hair.
  • You now need to get the hair to criss cross by taking a part of the left hair over to the right and the right over to the left.
  • The hair that remains behind this big braid must be taken over and criss crossed over each other again, you need to continue this exercise until all the hair is not taken into a tight French Fishtail Braid.
  • The French Fishtail Braid is also called a herringbone fishtail braid.

Remember the French Fishtail Braid is a lot like the French braid, but the difference is the strands of hair that you take on a French braid are a lot thicker than the ones in French Fishtail Braid. However, you may need to learn how to do the French braid before you practice the French Fishtail Braid. French Fishtail Braid is a neater and more sophisticated look than just the French braid.

After you finish making the French Fishtail Braid you need to tie a band on the loose end of your hair and secure it together. You could try adding some hair spray onto your hair to make it look shiny and this would make you look cooler.

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