French Diet Plan

French diet plans

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures of the life. Proper eating habits lead towards healthy life. On the contrary, the same is found to be culprit causing many diseases, when there is an improper and unhealthy eating. Unfortunately, many people tend to have unhealthy food habits and developing several health ailments. Therefore, searching for a proper diet has become quite important, lately. Among the range of diet plans, French diet plans are quite appealing and attractive as there is no restrictions on eating any kind of foods, no limits on calorie count, etc. The only thing focussed on French diet plans is the eating only the foods with good quality, where quantity is not accounted.

Concept of French diet:

French diet is not like other typical fad diets such as Atkins diet. It is a balanced food habit with moderate lifestyle changes incorporated and developed by the some of the real lovers of food. French diet is neither a low fat diet nor a low carb diet nor a low calorie diet. No need to worry about the cravings, calorie counts, etc.  The basic concept of diet in French is enjoying eating and taking foods with pleasure. If you want to eat pizza or an ice cream, there is no restriction to have it. When you start counting calories on the food you consume, you obviously lose the pleasure in eating even your favourite foods.

French diet plans not a diet plan consisting range of foods to be consumed in specific quantity. Rather, it is a diet that teaches how to eat, what to eat and reducing stress associated with eating. In spite of no restrictions or limitations on foods, the objective of most of the diet plans, the weight loss is not compromised.  Diet in French assures the dieters lose weight without making compromise on eating favourite food. At the same it also helps in developing a passion towards food by changing the food habits gradually. Followers of French diet plans gradually start eating real and high quality foods rather eating processed foods.

French women diet:

When you have come across women in France, you would have surprised by their thin and slim physique. There is nothing called as French women diet to maintain a healthy as well as good physique. However, almost all French women tend to consume red wine and a bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables in every meal. Red wine is a complete pack of anti-oxidants proven to enhance the heart functioning. Similarly, fruits and vegetables are very low in calories and rich in nutrients.

French diet plans:

Several diet plans claims to be the French diet weight loss plans, however the most popular and the effective diet in French is The French Diet Plan designed by Michael Montignac and Dukan diet designed by Dr. Dukan. The former is developed on the basis of glycemic index and the combination of foods getting interacted with digestive system. The latter focuses on high protein diet towards weight loss.

The French Diet Plan – Michael Montignac:

The attractive fact about this diet in French is that you can lose weight by eating delicious foods. You never feel like missing out any of your favourite dish. Further, there is nothing on calorie count and limitation of quantity. However, the only limitation is you should eat only unprocessed foods in a combination of healthy diet. For instance, you can eat unprocessed fish, meat, bread, grains, fruits and vegetables of your choice. This diet is all about the body chemistry, fluctuation in sugar levels while eating and interaction of the food with digestive system.

Dukan French Diet:

Dukan Diet is one of the most popular French diet plan which has a global recognition. It is classified into four phases which focus on high protein low fat diet. Dukan French diet plan focus on reintroducing the food items gradually in each phase after having a high protein diet in the first phase. Each phase lasts for minimum of three days to maximum of seven days.

Foods not allowed in French diet plans:

There are specific food items that should not be included in the French diet plans.

  • All types of processed foods and snacks like potato chips, snack bars, corn chips, etc. and canned or tinned juice
  • Carbonated and sugary drinks
  • No alcohols and cocktails with high calorie
  • No Fast foods like KFC or McDonalds and other fast foods with preservatives
  • Frozen meals and foods including frozen fruits

French diet plans makes you to eat healthy and stay healthy.

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