Foundation Makeup Tips

Every woman wants to look good. Using foundation makeup to get instant good looks is the easiest way. But choosing the right foundation can be a touchy subject with a lot of women. Here are some foundation makeup tips for women who want that flawless skin tone but do not know what to look for.

Foundation makeup tipsFoundation Makeup Tips: How to choose the right foundation

1. Type of skin

Dry skin: A moisturizing foundation in a cream or liquid with a satin finish is the best one for you. Refrain from using powder foundation, as it absorbs excess oil, leaving your skin more dry.

Combination to oily skin: An oil free formula with a natural to matte finish works the best for your skin type.

2. Type of foundation

Foundation makeup comes in three forms; liquid, Cream or Powder. Identify what type of consistency you prefer to work with and start your makeup from there.

3. Skin Texture

Avoid using foundation makeup with any type of shimmer, if you have large pores, acne spots or scars. The illuminating look will accentuate the texture of your skin. Shimmer and matte textures are a big no-no for people with dry skin, as it makes the skin look more dry!

Matte finish foundation makeup is not apt for skin, which has fine lines or wrinkles. It would just flatter the lines to make you look old. To hide age spots or sun spots, choose a more warm tone such as a Rosy or beige color to cancel out the blue/brown tone in the discoloration. Concealer can be used to cover up these imperfections. Skin primer creates a fake layer of skin so your foundation stays longer.

Pay equal attention to the other exposed parts of the body and not just your face. Our hands or our wrists are usually not of the same color as our face. Therefore, you need to create the appearance that your face, neck and decollete are the same color.

Foundation Makeup Tips: Ways to apply your foundation

There are three ways by which you can apply foundation makeup. They are sponge, brush or Fingers. The best way is by using the brush. If using a foundation brush, use downward motions to apply your foundation, buff in your powder to set your foundation and you are ready to go!

Foundation makeup tips on how to choose the right foundation for you is an easy information guide that will help you to be an expert at buying the right foundation for you.

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