Foot Tattoo Design for Girls

More and more women are going in for tattoos on their bodies; one of the most popular locations to get a tattoo is the foot. Many of the tattoo designs like roses, hearts and other small items look great if inked on the foot. Learn more about foot tattoo designs for girls in this article.

foot tattoo designs for girls

Foot Tattoo designs for girls:

So you have decided to get yourself tattooed but you are not sure which part of the body you would like to be tattooed. If you have decided on a popular design, why not place it on your foot? Foot tattoos are gaining popularity among girls and women. Before you go ahead with getting g that great tattoo done, here are some helpful tattoo tips you can use.

  • While foot tattoos are popular, they are not as popular as back or shoulder tattoos, decide on the design and location beforehand before getting a foot tattoo.
  •  The advantage of getting a foot tattoo is that you can choose when to flaunt it or hide it. Foot tattoos get easily hidden behind the shoes, socks or pants. This makes them convenient as they do not limit your choice of clothes like back tattoos do.
  • As there is very little padding on the foot and the skin on the foot is very close to the bone, a foot tattoo can cause you a lot of pain. If you are going in for a foot tattoo be prepared to bear the pain. Foot tattoos also take longer to heal than other tattoos.
  • While your tattoo is healing, make sure that you keep it dry and clean to avoid any infection setting in.
  • Foot tattoos look great and sexy. Foot tattoos are a popular choice for women.

Popular Foot Tattoo designs for girls:

Once you take the tips on foot tattoos into consideration, and found a professional tattoo artist, half your job is done. For women, foot tattoos will be obviously quite different from men’s foot tattoos. The women foot tattoo designs are feminine, while for men it’s just the opposite. Popular foot tattoo designs for girls are:

  1. Flowers:  The flowers are twined together and they go a little bit up the ankle.
  2. Stars:  It is a very popular choice of many girls. Having a star as a foot tattoo design for girls, works as an advantage because it can be quite small and can be secretly located toward the back of the foot. And this little secret can be revealed whenever you need to flaunt that tattoo.
  3.  Butterflies: These can be inked in a vast array of colors and thus make a popular choice among girls.
  4. Tribal designs:  These allow the girls to be more creative and ascribe whatever meaning they choose to their new tattoo.

Choosing the most popular foot tattoo design for girls should not be made in haste. Spend good amount of time in finding a professional who can do justice to your foot design. Always keep in mind, the design you ink is going to stay with you permanently so ensure that you do not compromise on what you always wanted.

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